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Rhian Jones

13 of the worst Halloween fails you'll see today


Halloween is meant to be scary not funny, right? These 13 Halloween fails are guaranteed to make you LOL.

1. I'll pick 'trat'

tick or trat

2. There's nothing more terrifying than bad grammar

your next grave

3. Worst candy-man ever

empty jar

4. "I came in like a wrecking ball..."

skeleton on a wrecking ball

5. "I'm just big boned"

gluten free skeleton cookie

6. This ghost has gone bananas 

banana ghost


7. 'Nailed' it

web nail art


8. My spidey senses aren't tingling

spiderman apple

9. Boo-roll

toilet roll decorations

10. Pro tip: don't carve your pumpkin in June

soggy pumpkin


11. Is it a pump-man or a snow-kin?

pumpkin snowman

12. Tastes 'bat-ter' than it looks

bat truffle fail


13. Watch out for those creppy crawlies

dragon carved into pumpkin


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