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Adam Davies

7 dream sheds you’d love to have in your own garden


From a pirate’s retreat to an art deco diner, here are some of the sheds that’ll make you wish you had a shed of your own.

Best sheds 2015

Here are our favourite finalists from the Cuprinol's Shed of Year competition in 2015:

1. The Pirate Retreat

Best sheds 2015 - 2

Ahoy thar me sheddies! With a fully stocked bar, dance area and 1000w sound system, it’s no surprise that this cove holds parties for up to 50 buccaneers.

The Pirate Retreat is decked in treasures from the Caribbean and it even has its own moat. And a drawbridge, so you don’t fall foul of Davy Jones’ Locker.

2. Cabin of the Green Man

Best sheds 2015 - 3

This workshop cabin is made of ash from local woodland, pallets, and reclaimed timber and glass.

The shed’s owner creates chainsaw carvings of Green Man faces here. Hopefully smiling Green Man faces. After all, it’s not called the Blue Man cabin.

3. Pixie Cabin

Best sheds 2015 - 4

There’s a Lott to be said about this Pixie cabin. This spritely Surrey shack is used as a tea room, an office and a place to keep dry when raindrops keep falling on your shed.

Built without a spirit level or tape measure, it’s designed to look like an old falling down house. Timber!

4. Terry’s Treehouse

Best sheds 2015 - 5

You know what they say? Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. And Terry’s Treehouse from mighty oaks grows.

Standing 4.5m off the ground, the panoramic views take you out of Dursley and into the surrounding scenery of the Cotswolds, Malvern Hills and Welsh Mountains.

5. Maid of Dekkin

Best sheds 2015 - 6

Maid of Dekkin is, well, made of decking. Sort of. It’s a floating beach hut sat on a decked pontoon in a river.

The shed has an engine and steering wheel, and it can be driven on water, obviously.

6. Starliner Diner

Best sheds 2015 - 7

There’s not much finer than the Starliner. This retro, art-deco diner has a booth made from old boat seats and restored vintage jukeboxes. 

The shed of heaven is a place for parties and relaxation. Feed yourself until you want no more.

7. Cliffhanger

Best sheds 2015 - 8

There’s nothing like a cliffhanger ending.

Sat 50 feet from the cliff’s edge, this shed is made from beach hut debris, washed up after a tidal surge. As a result it only cost £250 to make.

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