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Jamie Gibbs

10 Pinterest fails that prove you shouldn't do everything yourself


Pinterest is the internet’s greatest source of inspiration to the budding interior designer.

Pinterest fails

Here are 10 home projects, however, that didn’t work out. 

1. I can really see what you were going for

Pinterest ideal - 1

Pinterest fail

Papier-mache stag head
Source: CraftFAIL – Workman Publishing Company

2. The important thing is you tried

Pinterest ideal - 2

Pinterest fail - 2

Wedding reception table decoration
Source: Justin Alexander

3. No, I’m not angry. Seriously, it’s fine

Pinterest ideal - 3

Pinterest fail - 3

Decorated lantern
Source: Instagram

4. I’m sure it looked great in your head

Pinterest ideal - 4

Pinterest fail - 4

Light-up wall decoration
Source: Instagram

5. It’s a very interesting look

Pinterest fail - 5

Pinterest fail - 5

Cement sculpture plant pot
Source: Redbookmag

6. Well it’s certainly a conversation piece

Pinterest ideal - 6

Pinterest fail-  6

String balloon lantern
Source: CraftFail

7. You’re banned from Pinterest

Pinterest ideal - 7

Pinterest fail - 7

Coin-topped desktop
Source: Pinstrosity

8. *eye twitch*

Pinterest ideal - 9

Pinterest fail - 9

Button bowl
Source: Pinstrosity

9. This has to stop

Pinterest ideal - 10

Pinterest fail - 10

Book tree
Source: Pintester

10. You monster

Pinterest ideal - 11

Pinterest ideal - 11

Melted crayon canvas art

Source: CraftFail 

It’s best to leave some things to the professionals. 

Stay safe. Stay smart. Stay away from Pinterest.


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