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Jamie Gibbs

8 sci-fi movies that predicted the tech we use today


Science fiction makes some pretty bold claims when it comes to what our future homes will look like. Here are some movies that got it spot on.

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Back to the Future Part II predicted wearable technology in 1989

Marty McFly Jr was way ahead of the curve when it came to wearable tech.

The visor he wears at the dinner table lets him take phone calls, play games and watch TV – technology that is set to hit the mainstream with the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens.

The technology is still in its infancy, but in a few short years, multimedia visors could be all the rage.

Never mind all that, though – where are the hoverboards you promised us?

Total Recall predicted self-driving cars in 1990

Warning! This clip contains swearing and a robotic performance - we'll let you guess which is which. 


Even if the guy driving a taxi is a creepy robot with a permanent smirk that’ll invade your nightmares, it still counts as a self-driving car.

This Arnie classic paved the way for the likes of the Google driverless car, which is being tested on public roads in four US states.

So long as there’s no “creepy Johnny Cab driver” add-on, we’re happy. We take a look at futuristic cars we should all definitely be driving.

2001: A space odyssey predicted video calling in 1968


There was a temptation to liken 2001’s HAL 9000 to Apple’s Siri, but that would be mean.

Instead, this sci-fi masterpiece showcased a video conversation between Floyd and his daughter without any drop in quality or framerate – from space.

You can’t even get that kind of signal on Earth these days unless you hack into NASA’s Wi-Fi.

Minority Report predicted swiping interfaces in 2002


Take away the fancy holo-screens, and Tom Cruise looks like a really bad mime artist.

Touchscreen technology and gesture-based interfaces weren’t commonplace when Minority Report hit the box office, so we’ve come a long way forward in a short space of time.

As well swiping birds into pigs for hours on end, now you can even control your home from your mobile phone using this type of technology. 

Blade runner predicted digital billboards in 1982


The flying car is a long way off, so we make do with Blade Runner’s other technological gift – digital billboards.

You can’t visit a city centre or jump on the Tube without seeing digital adverts staring you in the face.

With the rise of integrated technology in our homes, it’s only matter of time before your fridge will show you adverts for the cheese you just ran out of.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy predicted 3D food printers in 2005


A device that takes whatever you’re craving and makes it for you? Surely we jest?

We’re close to it. NASA use 3D printers and edible ink to let astronauts print food in space.

So what you end up with is something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike your favourite food.

There’s only one thing we’d want from it. 

Tea. Earl Gray. Hot.

Dick Tracy predicted phone watches in 1990

This largely forgettable 90s comic book movie had three things going for it: Madonna, Al Pacino and that watch phone.

It might have been little more than a wrist-mounted walkie-talkie, but Dick Tracy made it look cool.

Fast forward 25 years and watch phones are back in vogue. However, people seem to be just as dubious about it now as they were then.

Clueless predicted virtual wardrobes in 1995 

"Wait a minute", you cry. "Clueless wasn't a sci-fi movie!"

It's a 90s movie with a virtual wardrobe assistant - it's sci-fi. Get over it.

Anyone who was anyone would have given their right arm for one of these high-tech virtually enhanced mirrors.

Who wants to spend time choosing an outfit only to find that it’s too tight or the colours are awful?

It’s taken a while for us to catch up, but thanks to the likes of Zugara this is now a reality.

Using motion cameras that capture your movements and add digital clothes onto your 3D avatar, you can now pick out your entire wardrobe without having to lift a sock.

What a time to be alive.

We take a look at some super cool pieces of tech, that futuristic Brits predict will be in the homes of tomorrow. 

Future of the home

So how does all this technology look in a real home?

We’ve gazed into the future and come up with the Future of the home – an interactive tool that shows you how the homes of tomorrow will use technology currently being developed.

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