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Adam Davies

12 childhood toys you'll regret binning


From vintage Cabbage Patch Kids dolls to classic Star Wars action figures, here are the childhood toys that could net you a pretty penny today.

Childhood toys - header

1. Thundercats Sword of Omens set - £330

Thundercats toy sword

Who didn’t want to be a man/cat hybrid saving the universe from a frog, a dog, a monkey and a crusty old mummy?

And you thought modern cartoons were weird.

2. Cabbage Patch Kids dolls - £660

Cabbage patch toy doll

When they were first released, the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were so in demand that riots broke out in toy shops across the world.

It’s no small wonder that these things are worth so much, given how much pushing, shoving and fighting parents had to do to get their hands on one.

3. He-Man action figure - £3,300

He man toy doll

He-Man is probably the only person in the universe who gets more powerful the less clothing he has on.

A sure-fire way to be the most popular kid in school is if you had both Castle Greyskull and Snake Mountain.

4. Game Boy - £1,120

Game boy console toy

Back in our day, games had eight bits, four colours and two buttons, and we were happy with that.

The Game Boy was arguably the coolest thing any 80s kid could have other than a mullet and luminous joggers.

5. Kenner Star Wars action figures - £7,500

Star wars Han Solo toy doll

For years geeks have been derided by their peers for keeping Star Wars figures in their original packing.

Now these figures fetch thousands on the market, with the limited Boba Fett figure going for as much as £18,000.

Who’s stupid now, Miss Reynolds from Year 7 English?

6. My Little Pony - £250

My little pony toy doll

Decades before the series would capture the hearts of middle-aged men across the world, My Little Pony was the must-have toy for girls in the 80s.

Sing along now: “My Little Pony, so skinny and boney …"

7. WWF action figures - £920

Wrestling toy dolls

Everyone had a favourite wrestling figure – whether it was Ultimate Warrior and his suplex action or Jake the Snake Roberts and his spring-loaded punch.

These are pretty hard to find still in their packaging because what kid would not want to rip these out and get them in the ring as quick as possible?

8. Care Bears dolls - £260

Care bear toy dolls

Care Bears were like astrology for kids – the bear you chose defined your personality:

  • Cheer Bear: The perky one

  • Funshine Bear: Often got in trouble

  • Grumpy: Old beyond their years

9. Ghostbusters action figures - £220

Ghost busters toy dolls

Ghostbusters recently turned 30 years old, and with the upcoming all-female reboot, old Ghostbuster merch will be selling like crazy.

How disappointed kids must have felt when they wanted to get a Dana toy, only to be told by the shopkeeper: “There is no Dana; only Zuul”.

10. Rainbow Brite dolls - £150

Rainbow brite toy dolls

Did you know they’re re-making Rainbow Brite?

Under no circumstances should you go looking for it unless you want your childhood utterly destroyed. Stick with the original and all will be fine.

11. SNES consoles - £550

Nintendo SNES console toy

The SNES is nearly indestructible because you could fix any problem by removing the cartridge, gently blowing on it and putting it back in.

Imagine doing that to an Xbox 360? That thing got hot under the collar if you even looked at it funny. 

12. Boglins - £2,150

Boglins toy

Be honest, who else hid these in the kitchen cupboards to scare the living daylights out of their parents at breakfast time?

Just us? Okay then …

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