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Adam Jolley

5 mega-rich credit cards you could only dream of owning


If you enjoy an early morning dip in a pool filled with your own money, then you may be in the market for one of these credit cards.

1. AMEX Centurion

This credit card comes with a $7,500 initiation fee, a $2,500 annual fee and you'll need to be invited to apply for it.

You'd expect a card costing you more than $2k (£1,300) every year just to sit in your wallet to be pretty flashy. Well you won't be disappointed.

For starters it’s made of titanium, while benefits include a dedicated concierge service, access to private airport lounges, and your own personal shopper.

2. JP Morgan Palladium

This credit card's stand-out feature is the fact it's made from the precious metals palladium and gold.

Offered exclusively to the mega-rich private banking customers of Chase Private Client and JP Morgan Private Bank, the annual fee is a measly $595 (£390), although rumour has it you have to have tens of millions invested with the bank to even be considered for one.

Perks include complimentary access to a fleet of private jets.

3. Dubai First Royale card

In the middle of this credit card, set on a black background, is a white .235-carat solitaire diamond.

Not flashy enough for you? Well two of the edges are also trimmed with gold.

Being a millionaire is not enough to get you one, you'll need to be invited.

Once you're in the club, benefits include a dedicated relationship manager who will cater to your every whim 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Dubai First Royale credit card

4. Coutt’s & Co. World Card

Only 100 or so people are estimated to have one of these bad boys from the bank that counts the Queen among its clients.

You need £800,000 in disposable cash to have one, but if you spend £80,000 per year on the card you'll be generously let off from paying the annual fee.

Naturally, you get a private concierge service to help you sort out everything from reserving a table at the most exclusive restaurants to chartering a private yacht.

5. Sberbank Visa Infinite Gold Card

As the name suggests, this credit card from Sberbank-Kazakhstan, a Kazakhstani bank, is made of solid gold.

As if that's not enough they've gone and stuck a load of diamonds on it too.

Apparently it costs $100,000 (£65,000) to acquire this credit card: $65,000 of which is for the card itself, while the remaining $35,000 goes toward your opening balance.

Solid gold credit card


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