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The right employers' liability insurance for restaurant owners


If you're running a restaurant you need to make sure you have the right employers' liability insurance - or face a hefty fine.

Restaurant owner

Running a successful restaurant takes hard work and good business sense, but if done properly it can be an extremely viable venture.

To ensure you make good profits you will need a good business plan and the best deals from suppliers for their goods and services.

Comparison sites are a great place to find and select the right suppliers for things like business energy, phone, broadband and insurance at prices that suit your business.

To protect your hard work, keeping your restaurant the right side of the law is crucial.

Selling alcohol

If you plan to sell alcohol on the premises, then you must apply to the local authority for a licence to sell alcohol.

Restaurants are also required to display their price lists at the entrance or in the window, including any minimum or cover charges and VAT.

If you have a separate bar then you must display the bar price list in that area too.

Employers' liability insurance

However you can be putting your hard work and business reputation at risk without adequate employers’ liability insurance.

If one or more other people are helping your business to function then you have a legal responsibility for their health and safety at work.

You do not have to be paying them a wage or have a written contract of employment in place, as anyone working for your business is deemed to be an employee.

This includes part-time workers, students on work experience and volunteers.

The minimum legal level of employers’ liability insurance required by a business is £5 million.

Fine risk

More cover may be required depending on your individual business risks and if you don’t have adequate cover in place, you will risk receiving a hefty fine.

Currently the fines for not having valid employers’ liability insurance can be up to £2,500 a day.

You can also be fined £1,000 for not displaying the certificate of employers’ liability insurance.

So, make sure you have the right employers’ liability insurance in place and avoid the risk of a heavy fine.

Small business insurance

Keep your life's work safe no matter what the world throws at you with small business insurance.

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