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11 self-built houses that will make you question reality


Money doesn’t always equal taste. These buildings show that with enough cash, you too could be the proud owner of any of the below monstrosities.

1. ‘Murica

Self built mansion

This house was built in America, where dreams come true, and apparently nightmares too. It’s impossible to even name the style - this looks like the inn from hell.

2. Plane awful

Plane self built house

“Welcome aboard to this hideous abode, flight time will be the rest of your life, my name is Bob and I am your captain."

A house built by a husband as a gift for his jet-setting wife. Maybe someone should’ve told him that the best thing about travelling is not necessarily the plane you take.

3. Goodbye, Kitty

Hello Kitty self built house

If you thought owning a couple of tabbies made you a cat lady, think again. The owner of this house in Taiwan is setting a new standard.

4. Planet of the japes

UFO self built house

Mankind has always imagined the future to be silvery, cold and weirdly shaped, and sometimes ruled by monkeys.

A construction company started building these UFO houses in China but went bankrupt. Left to rot, they show us the future isn’t always bright.

5. See you on the flip side

Upside down self built house

No, this isn’t a photoshopped picture - someone actually thought it’d be a good idea to think outside the box by flipping the box.

They did it for a laugh and now have to live with this nonsensical mess.

6. If Carlsberg did houses

Self built housing complex

Housing complex, go home, you’re drunk.
This is probably not somewhere you want to stumble into after a night on the town.

7. Harry Potter and the ugly custom castle

Catlse self built house

This stubborn home owner doesn’t need a letter from Hogwarts to attend it.
Who needs anything else in life when you have turrets?

8. Willy Bonkers

Novelty self built house

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do. I built an ugly mansion for you.

If you ever happen to be in Alaska, pay this house a visit. It looks like something out of a fairy tale … or a horror film.

9. The impossible staircase as a house

Complex self built house

When asked what their idea was behind this complex design, the builder of this Belgian house responded:

Dog in a builders outfit

10. Bippity boppity boom

Fairytale self built house

Unfortunately, this will not turn back into a pumpkin at midnight. We like to think that the mice in this house are dressed as footmen, though.

11. The mullet house

Extravagant self built house

Business at the front, party at the back! If people say you should never take work home, they’re right.


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