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Travelling to Tunisia – what you need to know


Essential information for your trip to Tunisia.

Beach in Tunisia

Situated in North Africa, Tunisia has an abundance of history and beauty. It’s a popular tourist destination, it offers year-round sun, golden sandy beaches and exotic food.

Tunisia has experienced some political, religious and economic unrest in the past, resulting in some violent protests, and terrorism threats.

For updated information on visiting Tunisia you can check the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) for advice.


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The ABI states if you travel against government advice, your travel insurance may be void. For more information visit


Tunisia dinar

Money info

Credit/debit cards are accepted in restaurants, shops and hotels throughout Tunisia.

ATMs are available in most towns/cities, but they don't always work.

It's illegal to take Tunisian dinars (currency) out of the country. You'll need to exchange your currency when you arrive. 

Official language




Population 10.8 million 

Time difference

There's no time difference between the UK and Tunisia.

Visa requirements

You don't need a visa to enter Tunisia if you're a British citizen. You're allowed to stay for up to three months consecutively, but your passport must be valid for the duration of your stay.


All travellers should have routine vaccines, such as measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). You may have had this as a child.

Most common vaccines include hepatitis A, typhoid and malaria.

Check with your GP before you travel, they can advise on further vaccines you might need, depending on where you plan on visiting.

British embassy

The British consulate can be found in the capital Tunis, they can assist any British citizens in an emergency.


The Tunisian climate is a mixture of the Mediterranean and African. Mainly dry and sunny in most regions, but they do experience some spells of rain at times. 

Main attractions

Tunisia offers a wide selection of beaches with crystal-clear waters, ideal for sun lovers and holiday makers.

The Sahara, one of the biggest deserts in the world, is a major attraction for visitors.

National dish

Couscous is a popular dish. Made from steamed and dried durum wheat, it is usually served with meat or fish and vegetables in a tomato sauce.

Other things to consider

Tunisia is an Islamic country, as such you should respect local customs and religions. You should dress and behave in a conservative manner when venturing outside resorts, and take not that public displays of affection are punishable by law.

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