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Travelling to Asia – what you need to know


Essential information for making your trip to Asia safe and enjoyable

Asia landscape

The largest of all the continents, spanning across 48 countries, Asia is bursting with culture and full of life. Ignite your senses in this ancient land, from the Great Wall of China, to the spiritual waters of the Ganges in India. 

You’ll find cities leading the way in technology, and countryside caught in the past. 

There are still some developing countries in Asia, so be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences.


Travel information

Travel insurance

As some countries in Asia are still considered developing, the quality of the treatments will vary considerably. An important part of your trip should be travel insurance.

It will cover you for medical treatment. Also, other benefits include cover for lost luggage or stolen goods.


Currencies will differ depending on what country you visit, but include:

Japanese yen

Indian rupee

Singapore dollar

Thai baht

Money info

Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels and hostels.

If you're travelling throughout Asia, it might be a good idea to bring a prepaid card to store your cash rather than carrying around multiple currencies.

Transaction charges apply for using cards, so make sure you shop around to get the best deal.

Official language


There are various languages spoken throughout Asia, including Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Hindi.

Biggest country by population


Over 1.3 billion

Time difference

There are 11 time zones in Asia ranging from GMT +3 to GMT +12

Visa requirements

All countries in Asia have different rules on entry requirements. Some will require you to apply for a visa, and some countries just request you have at least 6 months valid on your passport.


Vaccinations will vary, again depending on what countries you visit.

Check with your GP before you travel, they can advise of what treatments you require.

British embassy

British Embassies can be found in capital cities across Asia.


Because of the enormous size of Asia, the climate can range anything from tropical to subarctic. 

Main attractions

You will be spoilt for choice, from the Taj Mahal, to Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, Mount Everest to the Maldives, every country is distinct and beautiful in its own way. 

National dish

Asian food is a favourite worldwide. Famous dishes include: the Chinese peking duck, to vindaloo Indian curry, and Japanese sushi, it's all about the fresh fusion of flavours!

Other things to consider

Street food is often a cheap and delicious choice. Just be wary of under-cooked meats - the last thing you want is food poisoning!

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