Car buying general FAQs

How do I search for a car?

If you’d like to search for a vehicle, simply choose the method you’d like to pay for the car – monthly or an upfront cost – and enter your budget. We’ll then show you cars within your price range. If you’d like to search for a specific make or model, please select the car you’d like using the options below.

How do I filter the results?

If you’d like to apply a filter to the cars you see, use the filters button on your search results page. Add any filters you need such as buying type, finance type, transmission, mileage, fuel type, vehicle age, engine size, seats, doors, colour, body type, features, MPG, C02 emissions, road tax, insurance group, top speed, power, acceleration and location.

Can I see the car?

Unfortunately, not all of the cars are available to view before purchasing. If the seller is listed as anything other than then you’re not able to see the car. You will find this information listed under the 'about seller' tab.

What are the different monthly payment types available?

  • PCP:Personal contract purchase (or “PCP”) is similar to a hire purchase but with an option of a ‘balloon’ payment at the end to keep the car. You pay an initial deposit, and then monthly payments for a set period. The higher your deposit, generally, the lower the monthly payments. Even with the deposit though, monthly payments are typically lower than you’d find with a hire purchase deal or a personal loan. This is because you'll be paying off the value of the depreciation of the car, not the full value of the car. If at the end of the term you decide not to keep the vehicle, you can exchange it for another vehicle plan, or simply return the car.
  • HP: Hire purchase (or “HP”) is an arrangement where you hire the car from a finance company until you’ve fully paid for it. The finance company own the vehicle until the final payment is made, after which time it’s yours to keep. Hire purchase tends to require a deposit – typically 10% of the car’s value. The higher the deposit, the lower the monthly payments.
  • Lease:Leasing a car is effectively long-term rental – you pay a fixed monthly fee to use the car for an agreed time period and number of miles. At the end of the period, you return the car with no option to purchase.

How do I apply for finance?

If you’d like to apply for a finance deal, please click the contact seller button next to the finance offer. The seller will then be able to discuss the next steps with you.

How do I save a car search?

If you'd like to save a car to view later, please select the heart icon on the image of the car. This will then be saved in under your saved car adverts in your account section.

How do I disable the daily email and text alerts?

If you'd like to amend your saved-search email alerts, please sign in to your account and select ‘my saved searches’ from here. Then just remove the ticks from any of the daily alerts you no longer wish to receive.

How do I find out who is selling the car?

The name of the seller will appear on the car details page, under Seller. Which is displayed under the price.

How do I report a seller?

If you suspect fraudulent activity on our website, please report it to

How do I make a complaint?

If you wish to make a complaint, you can write a letter or send an email to us, and we will look to resolve the matter as quickly and fairly as possible.


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