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Can I talk to someone?

Of course! Behind our website are a team of people based in our Cardiff offices. We’ll be happy to talk to you on 0333 234 6011. Our opening hours are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday. We’re closed on weekends and UK bank holidays.

Where do your cars come from?

All our cars are sourced from our selected network of established suppliers. Our cars are checked and prepared to a high standard before being supplied to our customers.

Can I test drive or see the car before I buy?

As we source cars from all over the UK, we’re unable to have a showroom for viewing or to allow test drives, However, this does help you get a better price as we have fewer overheads. As such, these savings are passed onto you – the customer.

We’re also able to offer national delivery on all of our own stock, meaning that you aren’t limited just to local deals. You’ll also have 30 days from delivery of the car to return it with a money-back guarantee if you decide not to keep it.

Is it safe to buy a car without seeing it?

All our cars come from our approved supplier network. Each car will go through a quality check. They’re also checked against the HPI database, which checks its history and mileage. We are so confident in our service that you have 30 days from delivery to return it with a full money-back guarantee.

Do I get a warranty?

To give you complete peace of mind, all cars provided through will come with the full remaining balance of manufacturer’s warranty. If the balance is less than a year, we’ll top it up to a 12-month warranty.

How do I buy a car?

Once you’ve chosen your car, we need a £200 refundable agency fee (RAF). We’ll then send an order for you to review and sign. Once the car is ready and paid for, it’ll be delivered.

What is a RAF?

The refundable agency fee – or RAF – is a payment which allows us to act on your behalf to secure and order the car for you. It’s payable with a debit or credit card. This is fully refundable if we’re unable to get the car for you, or if you change your mind at any time. The RAF can be included in any deposit you decide.

Why wouldn’t you be able to secure the car?

In some circumstances, the dealer may sell the car or it may become unavailable before our stock lists are updated. In these cases, we’ll work hard to find a suitable alternative car for you. If you’re unhappy with this or no longer wish to continue, then we’ll refund the £200 RAF.

I am paying in cash. How do I do this?

Your £200 RAF is turned into a deposit once we’ve secured the car for you. Any remaining balance will be payable via bank transfer at least 72 hours before the car’s delivered. We won’t request any additional payment from you until we know your car’s ready to go.

Can I arrange my own finance?

Yes, but we can only accept a payment from your bank account.

How easy is it to apply for finance?

The finance application is very simple. A soft search will be conducted, which checks lenders and type of finance maybe available to you, and what rate you may be offered. Please note that a soft search will not affect your credit history, or chances of getting credit in future.

Then, when you’ve selected the right finance deal and provider for you, we will need a new more details to perform a full credit search, to secure the finance package for the car. . We then ask you to pay the refundable agency fee (RAF) to secure and order the car.

What are the different finance types available?

We offer hire purchase (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP), which is the same as other dealers. With, you chose which type of finance you want, and we’ll show you the best deals that are available for you. It’s up to you which one you choose. Here’s more detail:

  • Personal contract purchase (or “PCP”) is similar to a hire purchase but with an option of a ‘balloon’ payment at the end to keep the car. You pay an initial deposit, and then monthly payments for a set period. The higher your deposit, generally, the lower the monthly payments. Even with the deposit though, monthly payments are typically lower than you’d find with a hire purchase deal or a personal loan. This is because you'll be paying off the value of the depreciation of the car, not the full value of the car. If at the end of the term you decide not to keep the vehicle, you can exchange it for another vehicle plan, or simply return the car
  • Hire purchase (or “HP”) is an arrangement where you hire the car from a finance company until you’ve fully paid for it. The finance company own the vehicle until the final payment is made, after which time it’s yours to keep. Hire purchase tends to require a deposit – typically 10% of the car’s value. The higher the deposit, the lower the monthly payments

How long does it take to deliver the car?

It usually takes 10–14 days from when the car is secured. This allows us to make sure your car has had all its checks completed to the high standard we demand. We’ll keep you regularly updated with the progress of your order. Our delivery driver will call you on the day of delivery with an estimated time for arrival.

Where and when will the car be delivered?

The car will have to be delivered to the address noted on your driving licence. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to an alternative address. We’re unable to specify an exact time – however, we will give you an idea of whether it’ll be with you in the morning or afternoon. Our delivery driver will call you on the day of delivery with an estimated time for arrival. You’ll need to be present and have your valid and up-to-date UK driving licence with you to accept your new car. If you don’t have your licence or it doesn’t match the delivery address, we cannot release the car to you.

What do I need to do before my car arrives?

All we ask is that you’re at the address we’ve agreed to bring the car to. Make sure you have your driving licence on you for the driver to check on arrival.

Are the cars taxed?

We’ll provide all the necessary details for you to tax the car on delivery. It is your responsibility to tax the car before it can be driven. More details on how to tax the car are available at

Is the car insured?

It is your responsibility to insure the car before it can be driven. We’ll provide all the necessary details for you to insure the car before delivery. Please make sure you print your documents to prove its insured before the delivery of the car.

When do I get my paperwork?

Once the handover has been completed and you’ve accepted your new car, we’ll process the V5C (log book) for a change of ownership within 14 days.

What’s my right of return?

Once the car has been delivered to you, our 30-day return cover starts. So, if you’re not happy with your purchase within the first 30 days, all you have to do is give us a call on 0333 234 6011.

How do I make a complaint?

If you wish to make a complaint, you can write a letter or send an email to us, and we will look to resolve the matter as quickly and fairly as possible.


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