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18 Jun 2020
Adam Bate

Business energy monitoring devices


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Could an energy monitor benefit your business?

What is a business energy monitor?

A business energy monitor is a device that enables you to measure your energy consumption and usage habits. This may sound similar to a smart meter but there are some notable differences between them to be aware of.

Firstly, unlike smart meters, a business energy monitor does not send meter readings to your supplier. Whilst an energy monitor enables you to have a good approximation of your monthly bill, it is not exact and therefore may vary slightly from that of your supplier.

Common in the domestic sector, energy monitors are now becoming more popular with businesses as they allow you to monitor your energy usage. So, installing an energy monitor will enable you to identify which aspects of your business – such as machinery and staff usage – require lots of electricity. This will help you find ways to reduce your energy consumption, ultimately saving you money.

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Do I need a business energy monitor if I have a smart meter?

If your business already has a smart meter installed, then you may not have considered an energy monitor. A smart meter will tell you how much energy you are consuming, however an energy monitor does more. And with smart meters often hidden away, sending consumption without oversight, they're often forgotten about.

An energy monitor is a little different. It not only displays your usage but how much it costs and how much you have paid in previous months. With some monitors, you can also set a consumption budget – handy if you think you’re using too much energy.

There are various commercial energy monitoring devices available on the market these days. Ranging in price from £20 - £100, there is a large selection to choose from. Whilst differing slightly in the information they provide, most will provide measurements of things such as cost, energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Whilst some energy suppliers offer free energy monitors as part of a deal if you sign a contract with them, there must be caution. This is because these deals may not feature the cheapest energy rates available to you – meaning you end up paying more than if you purchased your energy monitor separately.

Why should I monitor my energy usage?

There are many obvious benefits to monitoring your businesses’ energy usage. Not only does it make sense from a financial perspective, but also from a reputational one. This is because environmental issues are becoming increasingly important with the general public. Many people now base their purchasing decisions on whether or not a business is considered ‘green’.

As such, the more you show your company to be environmentally friendly, the better. What’s more, government-set environmental targets will be coming into effect in the next few years, meaning businesses will be required by law to introduce green energy practices.

Monitoring your businesses’ energy usage also has another important benefit – it enables you to improve and reduce your businesses’ energy consumption. Once you have identified how and where your business uses its energy, you can then address these areas in order to stay green and cut costs at the same time. Such measures often include:

  • Door/draft excluders

  • Motion sensitive lighting

  • Energy efficient light bulbs

What other types of commercial energy monitoring are available?

There are various types of commercial energy monitoring device available, granting you plenty of options to find the best energy monitor for your business. All of these devices are designed to help you better control your energy consumption.

For example, management software is available that enables you to analyse information in great detail, including usage trends and costs. But such software usually requires a 00-profile class meter. These are rare, so, it may be more worthwhile to invest in an energy monitor instead. If you think management software is the way forward for your business, you’ll need to check what type of meter you first.

Other types of commercial energy consumption monitor include a Standard Energy Monitor, which connects to your incoming electricity supply and automatically collects data from this before sending it to your energy supplier.

Providing basic information such as usage and costs, this type of energy monitoring device is easy to install and operate. They enable you to instantly see what energy you are using, as well as usage trends from previous time periods. Easy to install and use, they’re often considered the best energy monitor for businesses.

When searching for a commercial energy monitor, you will likely be offered such devices for free from energy suppliers. Often similar in what they can do, these meters are usually inexpensive. You should therefore not base your decision simply on the fact that you are being given a free monitor. Getting the right energy deal for you and your businesses’ needs is much more important than saving a few pounds on a monitor.


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