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28 May 2012
Adam Bate

Reclaiming PPI: Template letter


If you took out a loan, credit card or store card at the peak of PPI mis-selling you may be eligible to reclaim your premiums. 

Writing a letter

Read our guide to reclaiming PPI and then get started with our template letter below.

   [Your name and address]

[Name and address of company who sold you PPI]

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Account number: [Your account number]

I am writing in relation to a payment protection (PPI) policy, associated with the above account, which I do not believe was sold to me correctly or fairly.

I believe you have not treated me fairly for the following reasons:

[Delete all that do not fit your circumstances

  • I was unemployed/self-employed/retired (delete as applicable) when I took out the policy which included unemployment cover that I would not have been eligible for

  • I had a medical condition at the time of taking out the policy that would have prevented me from claiming on the policy should I have needed it

  • I was older than the upper age limit for the policy at the time of taking the policy out

  • The term of my PPI cover was shorter than the term of my loan and it wasn’t made clear to me that I wouldn’t be protected towards the end of the term

  • I was not told about the exclusions of the policy and it was not explained to me that I would be unable to claim in the event that [list specific exclusions here]

  • The total cost of adding PPI to my loan was not clearly explained to me

  • The quote I was given for the cost of the loan automatically had PPI added

  • I was told that PPI was a compulsory purchase with my loan

  • I was told that I had to protect the loan with PPI cover from your company

  • I felt that I was being pressured into taking the cover and unable to say no

  • I was not told how to go about cancelling my policy

  • I already had cover in place that could have protected my repayments but wasn’t asked about this/ was told that I needed to take this cover out too (delete as applicable)

  • I wasn’t asked if I wanted PPI cover, it was added without me giving consent.]

Unless you can provide proof that the policy was appropriate for my circumstances and that I was treated fairly when you sold me the insurance, I will expect a full refund of all premiums as well as the interest that I have incurred as a result of having the PPI cover.

I look forward to your prompt response to this letter.

If I have not had a satisfactory response from you within eight weeks of this letter I will contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to formally investigate my complaint.

Yours faithfully,
[Your signature]
[Your name]



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