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22 Feb 2017
Ciara Bale

The cars that made an impact at the Oscars


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Oscar car awards

Best picture - Taxi Driver

Checker Taxicab

Robbed at the Oscars but won a Palme d'Or. One of the greatest films of all time and features a car that's central to the plot.


Best leading role - Christine

Plymouth Fury

A fiery and jealous personality that outshines the human cast.


Best supporting role - Cruel Intentions

Jaguar XK

The Jag is the wager between Kathryn and Sebastian and features heavily at the end when Annette drives off in it. Classic scene, pretty car.


Costume design - Dumb and Dumber

Ford Econoline

"If any car is winning an awards for the best dressed, you know it's the shaggin' wagon, no explanation needed" - Sean, Backtothemovies


Cinematography - Drive

1973 Chevy Malibu

Lit beautifully. A film that takes place entirely within a car. The car is as much a star as the actor.


Foreign Language film - La Dolce Vita

1960 Triumph TR3

A classic car that features perfectly in this classic movie.


Best soundtrack - Blues Brothers

The Bluesmobile - 1974 Dodge Monaco

Amazing soundtrack!


Best production design - Mad Max

Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe 1973 V8 Inceptor

Absolutely epic film and production design is amazing.


Most memorable - Gran Torino

Ford Gran Torino

The film's named after it, so it's hard to forget.


Visual effects - The Love Bug

1963 Volkswagen Beetle

"The car that everyone fell in love with back in 1968. 'Herbie', the little car that not only had a mind of its own, but also delighted cinema-goers with its self-driving antics and comedy screen time with its co-stars Dean Jones and Michele Lee" - Karen, Blazingminds


Lifetime achievement award - Back to the Future

DeLorean DMC-12

"An instant classic, the DeLorean is the ultimate movie icon. One-of-a-kind in its design and ultimately driving the movie series to a whole new level." - James, Filmoria.


Best newcomer - I, Robot

Audi RSQ

Although the film was released in 2004, it's set in 2035. You don't get much newer than the future. And with advancements in car technology, the vehicles featured in this sci-fi flick don't seem all that far-fetched.


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