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  • Lexus is Toyota’s upmarket division and has sold a range of quality cars ever since it began manufacturing its motors in 1987.
  • Today, Lexus is taking its environmental impact seriously and makes hybrid versions of all its cars, including its award winning SUV, the RX.
  • With, you could help to protect your lovely Lexus by getting a quote that's the same price or cheaper than going direct to the insurer.

Lexus insurance groups

When it comes to insurance groups, usually, the lower the number, the cheaper your premiums, but factors like your age, location and driving history are also taken into consideration when calculating a quote.

Below we've compiled tables for each Lexus model to give you a better idea of which insurance group they might be in, and the tax bracket range of each model specification.

If you'd like more information on how insurance groups work, check out our guide to car insurance groups.

Lexus CT

The CT 200h (to give it its full title, although there is only one CT model being built by Lexus at the moment) is a hybrid family hatchback from the Toyota premium marque. It contains a 1.8 litre petrol engine twinned with an electric motor that can power the car on its own at speeds up to 25mph.

Specification Engine Capacity Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
SE-I 1.8 18 A
S 1.8 17 A
SE 1.8 18 A
Advance 1.8 18 A
SE-L Premier 1.8 19 A
SE-L 1.8 18 A
Luxury 1.8 18 A
F-Sport 1.8 18 A
Premier 1.8 19 A

Lexus GS

The GS is an unusual hybrid in that it's not exempt from road tax. Its emissions are fairly low, but depending on the model you pick, you could still be paying close to £300 a year to tax it.

The insurance groups across the GS range are quite high, which might indicate that it could be more expensive to insure.

Specification Engine Capacity Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
SE 2.5 31-33 B-K
Premier 2.5-3.5 33-42  C-F
Luxury 2.5-3.5 32-42 C-K
F-Sport 2.5-3.5 33-42 C-K

Lexus IS

The IS is available in two different builds, the 300 hybrid, or the 250 petrol.  If you have or are looking at the hybrid, then this should be either exempt or very cheap on road tax, but with the insurance group being fairly high, this might not be cheap to insure.

Specification Engine Capacity Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
SE 3.0 31 A
Luxury 3.0 32 B
Premier 3.0 33 B
F-Sport 3.0 32 B

If you're looking at the petrol 250 model, the tax could be quite expensive, as well as the car insurance, so making sure you compare as many brands as possible could help to keep the costs closer to your expectations.

Specification Engine Capacity Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
SE 2.5 32 J
Luxury 2.5 33 J
Premier 2.5 34 K
F-Sport 2.5 33 K

Lexus LS

Cars don't get much more luxurious than this. Lexus is Toyota's luxury brand, and this particular model is their top of the range offering. It's the most expensive car they produce, with the cheapest model starting at over £70k.

It's not surprising that with a car like this, comes more expensive maintenance than your average car. The insurance groups alone are at the top end of the range, which is likely to keep your car insurance premiums high.

Specification Engine Capacity Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
Standard trim 4.6-5.0 46-50 K-M
F-Sport 4.6 49 L
Luxury 4.6 48 L
Premier 5.0 50 J
L 5.0 50 K
L LC 5.0 50 K
SE 4.6 47 K
SE-L 4.6 48 M

Lexus RX

The RX is the only SUV that Lexus make. With a starting price of £44.5k from new (price correct as of 20/12/13), a large engine and a high car insurance group range, this isn't likely to be a cheap car to buy and run.

Specification Engine Capacity Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
SE 3.5 40-41 F
SE-I 3.5 41 F
Premier 3.5 41 F
Luxury 3.5 41 F
F-Sport 3.5 42 F
Advance 3.5 41 F
SE-L 3.5 41 F
SE-L+ 3.5 41 F

*All information compiled from

Lexus cars: did you know?

  • Established - 1989
  • Founder - Eiji Toyoda
  • Headquarters - Nagoya, Japan

In the noughties, Lexus was honoured by Auto Express magazine as the manufacturer of the decade, to recognise that it had achieved the highest satisfaction rating of any manufacturer over the previous 10 years. During this time, it was named the Auto Express Manufacturer of the Year seven times.

The Lexus LFA – Lexus’ supercar - broke the record for the fastest lap in a production car round the Nurburgring in August 2011, achieving a time of 7:14:64.

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