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Caterham insurance

At present, is not able to offer and compare insurance quotes for the full Caterham range, but only for the 7 and Super series. Regardless, we’ve put together some useful information as well as a collection of guides and articles, which you might find interesting or informative when looking into buying or insuring your car.

You should note that the policies available on will likely not cover any use of your Caterham for racing purposes, and you should check with your insurance provider before engaging in any such activity.

  • The information below can be used to get an idea of the variety of vehicles in the Caterham range
  • Most car insurers will calculate premiums based on a variety of factors concerning you, your driving history, and the car. Bigger engines and higher values will usually result in higher premiums
Model Engine Size* Power (bhp) Starting price*
Seven 270 1.6 135 £26,490
Seven 310


 152 £27,990 
 Seven 360 2.0 180  £29,990 
 Seven 420 2.0  210  £32,990
Seven 620  2.0  310  £48,890 
Academy Race Package  1.6  125  £26,495 
420R Race Package  2.0  175  £43,495 

*All information sourced from the Caterham website, January 2019

If your model isn’t currently available for insurance comparison with us, you might still find some of our articles and guides interesting and useful for getting a better understanding of how insurance pricing works, including; a guide to policy types, and our jargon buster.

Did you know?

  • Established - 1973
  • Founder - Graham Nearn
  • Headquarters - Caterham, Surrey, UK
  • Parent company - Caterham group

Caterham have been manufacturing specialist lightweight cars out of Surrey for almost 40 years now, having altered little from the original direction and product the company was based on. 

Their super lightweight, powerful and small cars can be hired or bought by the public, so are an increasingly popular sight on British roads.

Their racing pedigree was threatened when they were deemed (more than once) too fast for standard races, though they recovered by establishing their own, one-make racing championship, as well as the Caterham academy, which helps train racing drivers.

Caterhams are still available for hire and purchase, and are in a league of their own when it comes to racing-style road legal cars. 

Still manufactured in the UK these are a series of racers with a loyal and expanding customer base, often treated more as a hobby than a practical vehicle, but are without a doubt some of the most exhilarating cars on our roads today.

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