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Know your roundabouts


Don’t know the difference between a Double Kerber or a Red Ringer? We’re here to help you out. 

roundabout sign

You know what it’s like - you’re out with friends and suddenly the conversation turns to roundabouts. But you don’t know the difference between a brick ringer and a Titchmarsh, and you’ve no idea what a P.M.T is! What are you going to do?

Never fear -  Kevin Beresford, head of the Roundabout Appreciation Society is here. Kevin, affectionately known as the Lord of the Rings, has coined some terminology to make you look like a real geek islander. 


1. The Brick Ringer

brick ringer

Aptly named, as these traffic-turners are surrounded by a ring of brick. 

2. A Magic Roundabout

magic roundabout

We know what you’re thinking, “what’s so magic about this? Unicorns? Wizards? Hobbits?” No!

This man-made magical wonder is a complicated selection of multiple lanes of traffic, junctions and painted lines. Harry Potter and the Magic Roundabout is the franchise crossover we’re all waiting for, though. 

3. P.M.T (painted mini traffic island)

P.M.T. island

There’s one word to describe the P.M.T and that’s minimalist. Simple, beautiful, functional. It’s like having the Tate Modern on Swindon high street.

4. Red Ringer 

Red ringer

It’s not as painful as it sounds. This racy roundabout it surrounded by a ring of red bricks. Another minimal design, but still truly beautiful. 

5. The Titchmarsh or Monty Don

the titchmarsh

 Straight out of the Chelsea flower show, these roundabouts feature a floral centrepiece that Ground Force would be proud of. You can debate amongst yourselves which gardener best suits the roundabout. But we like to think a Monty Don becomes a Titchmarsh when it gets a water feature.

6. Double-Kerber / Double-Kerber Titchmarsh / Double-Kerber-Brick-Ringer 

Combination roundabout

We’ve hit the roundabout jackpot! This masterpiece encompasses several types of roundabout in one. You could debate for hours over the correct terminology for this bad ‘bout. Hours of fun.

Other terminology to look out for

Geek islander – Someone who takes the hobby a bit too seriously.

Example: “I’ve heard Jonathon’s photographed that Red Ringer 100 times. He’s a bit of a geek islander”

One-way gyratory- Another term for a roundabout. 

Example: “This Titchmarsh Brick Ringer is a perfect example of a well maintained one-way gyratory”

*All photos courtesy of Kevin Beresford, Lord of the Rings and head of the Roundabout Appreciation Society


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