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14 Mar 2018
Adam Bate

Driving abroad tips


Here's what you'll need...


Check out our guide to driving abroad for more detailed information. 

Driving licence requirements

If you're travelling outside of the EU/EEA you'll need an international driving permit (IDP).


Most policies will include cover to drive in the EU but it's usually only third party cover. Make your insurer aware of your travel plans and upgrade your policy for extra protection. 

  • contact your insurer before you hit the road

  • extend your policy for a higher level of protection 

  • ask your insurer for a Green card as proof of insurance

Green Card

A Green Card is an internationally-recognised document that acts as proof of insurance in Europe. Countries where you need a Green Card inlcude:

Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. 

Breakdown cover 

Cutting costs can be tempting but preparing for the worst can save you time and money in the long run. If you have exisiting breakdown cover in place it might already cover Europe. Check with your provider before you go.

Hiring a car abroad

You'll need to get a DVLA code if you're hiring a car abroad. You can obtain this code online and it's valid for 21 days. 


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