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The most popular car gadgets on TikTok and Amazon

Car gadgets continue to be all the rage on TikTok, with no shortage of options available depending on what sort of accessory you’re looking for.

Drivers add gadgets to their cars for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy having the latest and greatest technology in their car, while others find that gadgets make their driving experience safer.

in car view of a man driving in the late evening

While they might be handy, car gadgets can also cause distractions when driving. Even if you’re not taking your eyes off the road, answering calls hands-free or playing music can slow down reaction times, which could lead to an accident.

Having the latest gadgets could also make your vehicle more vulnerable to theft, especially if these gadgets are left on show. It’s essential that drivers have the right car insurance to make sure they are protected against theft of their vehicle.


What are the most popular car gadgets according to TikTok and Amazon?

When it comes to our cars, it’s no secret we like to invest in some must-have gadgets to improve our ride. However, it’s often the case that little upgrades are more for practicality than trends. Amazon searches help us to know the must-haves people are investing in, while TikTok shows the latest trends and ‘nice to haves’.

We‘ve looked into TikTok videos using hashtags such as ‘CarAccessories’ and ‘CarMustHaves’ to uncover the most common gadgets and accessories featured in hashtags.

We’ve also looked at the products shown in the most viewed TikToks and compared them with the products that were the most in-demand on Amazon. Read on to see if what is desirable really is what people are buying.


Most in-demand car gadgets according to TikTok

TikTok is the go-to place for car enthusiasts to find the latest trendy gadgets to add to their car. The study found that car gadget trends on TikTok are targeted towards organisation and cleanliness. Ranked by the number of appearances in videos analysed from highest to lowest, here are the top most featured car gadgets of TikTok videos analysed.

An infographic showing the top 10 most popular car gadgets to appear on TikTok

Car hooks

Taking the lead is car hooks, which appeared in 25% of TikTok videos analysed. Cars can quickly become cluttered considering everything you need to carry when getting from one place to another.

Car hooks provide additional storage by allowing you to hang items such as bags, clothes, and more on your car seats. Installing car hooks is relatively easy and quick and they keep your car organised and your items within reach.

Car boot storage

Similarly, to help keep your items organised, car boot storage is also popular on TikTok, featuring in 18% of videos. We’re all guilty of tossing things into the back of our car boots, whether that’s shopping bags, dog walking essentials, or any emergency supplies. But with these handy gadgets, drivers can keep the boot of their car tidy by storing essentials in storage bins.

Car rubbish bin

Next, is the car rubbish bin. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle’s interior clean. From drive-thru wrappers and receipts, to everything in between, our cars collect rubbish easily. It’s no surprise that car bins come in joint second, alongside boot storage, of the most featured products in the TikTok videos (18%).

Car coasters

Many of us are used to having coasters at home for any unwanted spills on our coffee table, the same can be applied to cars. This is why car coasters have been such a sought-after car gadget on TikTok appearing in 15% of videos analysed.

Car coasters are highly absorbent to soak up spills and condensation from your drink. This is useful as spills on the road are unavoidable and tricky to clean. If you’re someone who enjoys a coffee on the go or picks up a fizzy drink on the way home, car coasters are for you.

Cleaning wipes

As you can see from the above, car cleaning essentials have been viewer favourites on TikTok. Similarly, cleaning wipes come in joint third of the most viewed car gadgets on TikTok (15%). Keeping car cleaning wipes on hand offers a quick and easy fix on the go.


Most in-demand car must-haves for 2022 according to Amazon searches

While TikTok gives a good indication of what is trending, Amazon searches shows what people are actually looking for. These are the most popular car gadgets according to Amazon searches.

An infographic showing the top 10 most popular car gadgets according to Amazon searches

Seat covers

The most popular car gadget according to Amazon was “seat covers” with 572,800 searches. The main use of seat covers is to limit mess from things like stains, spills, and dirt. Installing covers can preserve the design and value of your car while expressing your aesthetic style through your interior decor.

Car hoovers

Gadgets that help keep your car clean are clearly popular on Amazon, as car hoovers take the second place spot with 400,220 searches. Keeping a car hoover on hand should be useful for cleaning up any crumbs and dirt. This handy gadget could save money in the long run by not having to get your vehicle cleaned regularly by professionals.

Car Bluetooth

It’s no surprise that car Bluetooth rounds off the top 3 with 208,690 searches. Bluetooth allows you to connect your smartphone so you can make calls, listen to music, and access messages while on the move. Car Bluetooth allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and make the driving experience easier.

New cars typically have Bluetooth built-in, so this is a great addition for an older model. However, it is illegal to hold and use any device that can send or receive data while driving, so if the call can’t be made by Bluetooth, then don’t make it!

Air freshener

Our cars develop odours over time, which is why having an air freshener can help mask or eliminate those musty odours. Whether you prefer a fresh car smell or something seasonal, having your favourite scent is the perfect way to add your personality to your vehicle. You can see why air fresheners are the fourth most searched for car gadget on Amazon.

Phone holders

Rounding off the top 5 is phone holders with 175,950 searches. Distractions while driving is one of the most common reasons why accidents happen. Having your phone mounted lets you keep your phone at eye level while driving. In addition, a car phone holder allows you to safely follow GPS, listen to music, and take calls.

Drivers can use hands free devices but must not hold them at any time during usage. Also, the device must not block your view of the road and traffic ahead. There are significant penalties if caught using a device while driving. Including 6 penalty points, £200 fine and loss of licence if you passed within the last 2 years.


How to reduce distractions while driving

Car accidents occur for many reasons, but one of the common reasons is distracted driving. It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently passed your test or if you are an experienced driver. All drivers can find themselves losing concentration on the road easily.

  • Put your phone away. Using your phone while driving is one of the biggest causes of distracted driving. Make sure you put your phone away or use bluetooth devices to ensure distractions are kept to a minimum.
  • Eat before you drive. We all know the temptation when you drive past a drive-thru. Reaching to pick up food or fumbling with wrappers can take your focus away from the steering wheel. If it’s coming up to a meal time, consider eating before you travel or park up to enjoy your food instead.
  • Go hands-free. If you need to use devices for things like navigation or taking calls, you should go hands-free by using a car mount. This allows you to keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.
  • Plan your route before you go. Make sure to program your sat nav ahead of your journey. Many navigation systems include voice command, which means you don't need to look at the map to know which direction to go.
  • Ensure children and pets are secure. If you’re travelling with children or pets, make sure they’re secured safely before you travel. If they need your attention make sure you pull over safely to care for them as reaching over can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at Confused.com comments:

"While car gadgets can be great for making your car more comfortable or functional, they can also be a distraction while driving. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of any car accessory before you buy. However, you should consider if it’s something that will actually improve your driving experience.

“A panoramic rearview mirror should allow you to see more of the road and drivers around you. While a steering wheel grip can provide better grip and leverage while driving. Both of these gadgets could help prevent accidents, which could result in cheaper car insurance costs in the long run.

“Having the latest car tech and gadgets helps keep your vehicle feel modern and offers many benefits. Although it makes using everyday devices easier, drivers need to make sure safety is a priority. Even though they have practical benefits, interacting with car gadgets can cause distractions, which can lead to accidents when driving. This could ultimately have a negative impact on your insurance."