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The five best bikes for two people


It might sound romantic - just you, your bike and the open road, but it could also be a bit lonely so we found the five best bikes for two.

1. Honda Goldwing

Honda Goldwing

Surely there’s no better way to travel two-up than on a Honda Goldwing.

Boasting the kind of spec sheet you’d expect to find on a BMW 5-series, the Wing offers cruise control, GPS navigation, airbags, ABS, a radio and speakers – and even a reverse gear.

Who wouldn’t want to perch themselves on the sumptuous leather throne of this pillion seat? It’s so soft and comfortable it will swallow you whole.

However, sitting in the lofty insurance group of 15 will drive up the cost of your motorbike insurance.

With a price tag of £15,500 it accounts for the high insurance premium - you might require a loan for this one.

  • Price: £15,500

  • Engine: 1,832cc, 12-Valve, flat-six

  • Power: 118bhp

  • Weight: 417kg

2. BMW R1200RT


BMW’s twin-cylinder, super-tourer is lighter, cheaper and four insurance groups lower than the mighty Goldwing – but by no means is it the budget option.

The R1200RT offers a decent touring spec with a CD player, a deafening set of treble-toned speakers, ABS, heated-grips, electric windscreen and cavernous in-built luggage space.

Unfortunately your pillion won’t be treated to such decadent comfort as the Honda provides, but fit the optional top-box and it doubles as a nifty backrest.

  • Price: £11,500

  • Engine: 1,170cc, flat-twin

  • Power: 110bhp

  • Weight: 259kg

3. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic

The Electra Glide is the cheeseburger-chomping Elvis Presley of the bike world - large, loud, brash and 100% American.

What’s more, your passenger will be treated to lashings of camp, cruiser chrome and tasselled leather.

Like the Goldwing, the Harley-Davidson sits at the top of the motorbike insurance food chain, so fitting an alarm and chaining the bike to a ground anchor might be a good idea.

  • Price: £15,500

  • Engine: 1,584cc, air-cooled, V-twin

  • Power: 65 bhp approx

  • Weight: 413kg

4. Triumph Sprint ST ABS

Triumph Sprint ST ABS

Unlike the other bikes, the Triumph is a serious sports-tourer, capable of doubling the national speed limit without breaking a sweat.

However, despite the razor sharp handling, alloy frame, single-sided swingarm and sporty three-cylinder engine, the Sprint ST makes for a very comfortable long-distance tourer.

It’s a pillion’s pleasure on the back, perfect for an Autobahn blast during your next European tour.

Unfortunately, the Sprint ST’s Superbike performance figures account for its high motorbike insurance group of 15 - age and a decent no-claims bonus are the best remedies for this.

  • Price: £9,000

  • Engine: 1,050cc, in-line triple

  • Power: 125bhp

  • Weight: 213kg

5. Piaggio XEvo 400

Piaggio XEvo 400

Stylish, nippy and comfortable, the Piaggio XEvo is the quickest way to get around the city, and it’s a scooter.

Not something you’ll cross-continents with, but it will get you, and your pillion passenger, to the shops 10-miles down the road in comfort and style.

The Piaggio is also fitted with a back support to increase confidence in nervous passengers.

Sitting in insurance group six, it’s much cheaper to insure thanks to a 400cc engine, a modest power figure and a lower retail price.

But scooters are magnets for bike thieves, so invest in decent security before arranging your motorbike insurance – it could make a big difference to your premium.

  • Price: £3,999

  • Engine: 400cc, single-cylinder with automatic transmission

  • Power: 94bhp

  • Weight: 199kg


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