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16 Nov 2018
Jamie Gibbs Nik Andreev

10 emotions you felt after you bought your first car


Buying a car can be an emotional rollercoaster. So many feels, so little time.

Arms out a car window

Buying a car can be an emotional event at the best of times. But when it's your first car, every emotion is amplified.

But before you get in the car, you need to tell the world about your new chariot. What will be your first car status? Take some inspiration from our collection here:

1. You’re so happy, you can’t believe it. It’s not Christmas but it’s well on par:

2. Now you have the freedom to go anywhere:

3. And can enjoy the finer things in life:


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4. You feel like a proper grown up:

5. The anticipation is almost too much:

6. But you feel like everything is going your way:


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7. And you’re in love with it:

8. There's only one way to show how you feel - a sweet dab:

9. You feel excited about going on a road trip:


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10. And sometimes you get ahead of yourself and buy a car, even though you can’t drive:


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