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Jamie Gibbs

10 emotions you felt after you bought your first car


Because buying a car can be an emotional rollercoaster...

Arms out a car window

From the anticipation and excitement leading up to the moment you buy, to the happiness and feelings of self-accomplishment after you become a car owner.

Anyone buying a car for the first time would find themselves feeling many of the emotions below:

1. You’re so happy, you can’t believe it. It’s not Christmas but it’s well on par:

2. Now you have the freedom to go places:

3. And enjoy driving your friends around:

4. You feel like a proper grown up:

5. And you’re proud of buying it with your own money:

6. But you’ve spent your savings and now you’re broke:

7. And you’re in love with it:

8. So, you’re worried about scratching it:

9. You feel excited about going on a road trip:

10. And sometimes you get ahead of yourself and buy a car, even though you can’t drive:


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