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29 Apr 2013
Rob Griffin Rob Griffin

The ugliest cars ever made


They are the vehicles that take your breath away – but for all the wrong reasons. Motoring journalist Rob Griffin picks out six of the ugliest cars ever made.

The 6 ugliest cars ever made

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to awful-looking cars.

Here are six monstrosities that should have never left the designer’s sketchpad, let alone made it to the assembly line.

Fiat Multipla

The fiat multipla 

Where do I begin? It’s as if they asked different people to design the top and bottom halves – and then glued them together.

The bizarre looking Multipla (pictured above) has graced our roads since the late 1990s and was actually named Top Gear’s Car of the Year in 2000 for its “mad, ingenious and unquestionably brave styling”.

The six-seater Multipla is certainly roomy, with more than enough space for plenty of luggage as well. 

In fact, you wouldn’t have much trouble using it to host a gathering of friends - the problem would be persuading them to be seen in it.

Citroen 2CV

The Citroen 2CV 

There may be a lot of affection in the world for the 2CV but the fact remains it’s still one of the ugliest creations ever seen.

The picture we are using is of a pre-war prototype but its unique, sit-up-and-beg looks hadn’t changed much by the time it went into production.

The 2CV was conceived as a budget car in the late 1940s that was designed to move the French peasantry on from horses and carts.

It proved hugely popular and remained in production for more than 40 years.

Nissan Cube

The Nissan Cube

Toddlers in nursery schools across the land have all sketched similar cars to Nissan’s Cube.

With all the design attributes of a cardboard box on wheels, the only positive quality is that it’s practical.

The first generation version of this mini MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), which arrived on the scene in the late 1990s, is probably the ugliest.

But even more recent incarnations – such as the one we have pictured – are not much of an improvement.

It possess the kind of styling that can best be referred to as "quirky" and can certainly lay claim to being a head turner – though probably not for the right reasons.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne 

Living proof that sports cars and SUVs (sport utility vehicles) shouldn’t always be combined.

The Cayenne is reminiscent of monster trucks in which "normal" vehicles are perched on top of giant tractor tyres and then used to crush cars.

Since its launch a decade ago, the four wheel drive Cayenne has received plaudits for both its handling and performance – as you would expect considering its motoring heritage.

But neither detracts from the fact that it just looks plain odd.

Ford Ka

The Ford Ka 

The Ford Ka was introduced back in the mid-1990s as a low-cost addition to the Ford range.

And the Ka’s oddball styling provoked an understandably mixed reaction.

Despite it being one of the best-selling vehicles in its class in the United Kingdom, it has never been in any danger of winning awards for its beauty.

Thankfully the more recent incarnations of the Ka are slightly more aesthetically bearable.

Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke

Despite naming two in my list, I have nothing against Nissan cars – in fact the 370Z is one of my favourites – but the Juke is the dictionary definition of ugly.

It’s bulbous in all the wrong places. The lumps over the wheel arches look like they were inspired by the shape created by tightly squeezing a deflating balloon - just awful.

Nissan’s marketing describes the small crossover as having the "street-tough power of an SUV and the dynamic style and energy of a sporty hatchback".

That may be the intention – and you can’t argue that the Juke is different – but if it was a Hollywood actor its looks would be referred to as "unique" or "rugged" rather than classically handsome.


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