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Rob Griffin

The six best mid-life crisis cars


Nowhere is a mid-life crisis better illustrated than in the car you drive. Motoring journalist Rob Griffin – who recently hit the big 4-0 himself - suggests six cars worth considering.

Mid life crisis cars

They call it the mid-life crisis – the stage in your life when you can become acutely aware of your own mortality and start trying to recapture your youth.

The idea of being on the open road with plenty of power under your right foot is intoxicating.

This can be especially true if you have spent the past decade behind the wheel of a people carrier covered in crisps and orange juice.

But the question is: which sporty number will best meet your needs?

Audi TT

Mid life crisis cars

There’s little doubt that the Audi TT will be a future classic.

Launched back in the late 1990s, this stunning car is still in production today – albeit an updated version.

This two-door machine won’t be much use on the weekly shop but for posing around town – especially if you have the roadster version – it’s pretty hard to beat.

New models cost between £25,000 and £50,000, although a decent 10-year-old example can be bought for less than £5,000.


Mid life crisis cars

It may have arrived on the scene before most of those currently battling a mid-life crisis were even born but the MGB is a timeless sporty classic.

With its sleek lines and throaty rumble, it still has the ability to turn heads, regardless of whether you opt for the roadster, GT or even the muscular V8 version.

You can pick up a rubber bumper model from the late 70s in decent condition for around £3,000 but a restored, older one with cherished chrome bumpers will cost up to £10,000.

Peugeot 205 GTi

Mid life crisis cars

Regarded as the king of the hot hatch era of the 1980s, Peugeot’s gorgeous 205 GTi combined everything: looks, power and handling.

Just getting behind the wheel was enough to give you butterflies while the 1.6-litre or 1.9-litre versions took you from 0-60mph in 8.7 and 7.8 seconds, respectively.

Depending on the mileage and how much respect it’s been shown, you can buy 205 GTis for anywhere from £2,000 to £15,000.

Lotus Elise

Mid life crisis cars

This beautiful two-seater roadster made its debut in the mid-1990s and is without a doubt one of the most eye-catching vehicles on the road.

Okay, the interior is certainly not bathed in luxury but then this is a raw motoring experience rather than a motorway cruiser.

Unsurprisingly, the Elise is still in production.

A new one will cost up to £38,000, depending on the model chosen, whereas older models change hands for upwards of £7,000.

Mazda RX-8

Mid life crisis cars

What’s not to love about the RX-8? A stunning looking car that first appeared back in 2001 and almost immediately won the hearts of drivers everywhere.

As well as ticking the mid-life crisis box neatly, you can also argue it’s a family car thanks to its neat, rear doors that are both practical and immensely cool.

For me it’s the one car in this line-up that gets the heart rate going that little bit quicker, and amazingly you can buy one of these fantastic machines for less than £2,000.

Porsche 911

Mid life crisis cars

If you’ve got some money to indulge your mid-life crisis with then look no further than a Porsche 911.

It really doesn’t matter if you have one of the earliest from the 1960s or the very latest model because every one that’s rolled off the production line has been a winner.

Even getting one the best part of quarter of a century old will set you back comfortably into double figures.

Meanwhile, brand new models cost between £73,000 and £150,000.


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