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Rob Griffin

The most iconic movie cars of all time


We take a look at six of the most impressive, exciting and plain memorable movie machines ever to have graced the silver screen.

most iconic cars

Among motoring-mad film fans, these are the vehicles that deserve a place on the ultimate wish-list and, in some cases, on-screen notoriety has translated into showroom sales.

Meanwhile, the popularity of others has triggered a huge demand for replica machines and many can now be hired by enthusiasts, through specialist firms such as

Dukes of Hazard – Dodge Charger

General Lee

This was the muscle car that made petrolhead youngsters fall in love with America during the 1980s. Based on a 1969 Dodge Charger, the "General Lee", as it was known, was owned by brothers Bo and Luke Duke in the hit TV series that was also made into a film.

Not only did it look the part – there was the distinctive horn, the orange paintwork, the 01 painted on the side, and the Confederate flag on the roof – but it played the outlaw role superbly by escaping the clutches of the law in virtually every episode.

Starsky and Hutch – Ford Gran Torino

Ford Gran Torino

This was a car that stayed on the right side of the law. Back in the 1970s, Starsky and Hutch were two tough US detectives and this beautiful red machine, with the distinctive white stripe down the side, was their car or choice.

Even though the actor that played Starsky, Paul Michael Glazer, disliked the car, claiming it was too garish to be a realistic choice for undercover work, the Torino was a massive hit with the fans and still looks the muscular part to this day.

Herbie – Volkswagen Beetle


The fun-loving Volkswagen Beetle with a mind – and heart – of its own, careered into the public’s affections in the hit 1968 Walt Disney film, The Love Bug. A number of sequels followed, as well as a television series.

The films charted the bug’s escapades against the backdrop of the racing circuit, and fans will remember Herbie’s colour scheme, which was white with red and blue stripes down the middle and the number 53 on the bonnet and sides.

James Bond – Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5

It was its starring role in the hit James Bond movie, Goldfinger, that has been partly credited with helping to drive sales of the stunning Aston Martin DB5, which had actually entered production a year earlier, in 1963.

Author Ian Fleming had originally placed 007 in an Aston Martin DB Mark III, before deciding on the new DB5. The marque has subsequently enjoyed a very successful association with the famed secret agent.

The A-Team - GMC van

A-Team Van

This made vans really cool. When the A-Team burst onto the screen in the early 1980s led by Hannibal – by whom we mean the original George Peppard version, not Liam Neeson’s more recent incarnation – it was an overnight sensation.

Telling the story of a US Army Special Forces team that escaped from prison after being incarcerated for a crime they didn’t commit, the biggest star was arguably the black and grey GMC van - complete with red stripe - that transported them from mission to mission.

Transformers – Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

Another car with real personality, Bumblebee was one of the Autobots in the hit 2007 film Transformers. Starting the movie as a beaten up 1977 Camaro, it ends up transforming itself into a gleaming brand new machine.

Body panels from a concept car were used to create Bumblebee’s new look and its starring role in the movie helped boost sales when the fifth generation Camaro appeared in the showrooms a couple of years later.

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Dodge Charger; Ford Gran Torino; Volkswagen Beetle; The A-Team van; Chevrolet Camaro:


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