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The 5 easiest cars to park

Do you feel anxious when parking? One of these cars can help with that.

Parked cars

Parking is the dull bit of driving that we just put up with. And with traffic on our roads getting worse, parking spaces that are easy to find and easy to fit into are getting rarer.

But here are five cars which make parking a breeze, even when dealing with the tightest of spaces:

1. Smart Fortwo

Smart ForTwo

There are lots of small cars, but the smallest mainstream car on sale today is the Smart Fortwo at just 2.7 metres long.

The design, with a near-vertical rear, means that the rear windscreen marks the back of the car. As such, when you reverse into a parking space, you can very easily tell where the back of the car is.

As well as being short, the Smart Fortwo is also narrow so it will fit easily into the tightest parking spaces. Plus, it has a tiny turning circle, which further improves maneuverability.

2. BMW i3

BMW i3

If you need more room than the Smart, such as four seats and a larger boot, then go for the BMW i3.

This electric car is the shortest new car you can buy with an automated parking system, measuring at 3.9 metres.

Park assist system is available as an optional extra for £790. At the press of a button, the system scans for a parking space as you drive down the street.

Then, once it’s identified a suitable spot and the driver has stopped the car, it’ll parallel park itself autonomously.

And for those who want to avoid range anxiety, the i3 comes with an optional petrol range-extending engine. It recharges the battery when it’s running low, and can increase i3’s total range to up to 276 miles.

3. Skoda Yeti

Skoda Yeti

An electric car isn’t for everyone, so the next easiest car to park in size terms is the Skoda Yeti.

While the Skoda park assist isn’t quite as fully automated as the BMW system, it’s cheaper at £590. On the top-specification L&K version it’s standard.

The Skoda system can also identify parallel parking spaces. However, once engaged, you still need to operate the brake and accelerator while the car steers itself.

And even if you don’t go for park assist, the Yeti is still easy to park. The boxy design and high driving position means the corners of the car are easy to see from the driver’s seat.

Just like the Smart Fortwo, the rear window marks the back of the car.

4. Ford B-Max

Ford B-Max

It’s all very well buying a small car you can get into a tight parking space, but can you get out of the car afterward?

The B-Max one is of the smallest MPVs on the market at just over 4 metres long. This makes it one of the best ways to park for a family in the city.

It offers great visibility from the driver’s seat, and can come with parking sensors to make parking simple.

The B-Max is also the smallest car you can buy with sliding rear doors.

Once you’re in the space, the rear doors slide to open, which means your kids won’t damage the car next to you when you get out.

It also makes putting baby seats in and taking them out much simpler when you’re parked up.

5. BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series

For the ultimate in easy parking, the BMW 7 Series has the answer. Like the BMW i3, it has the option of park assist, but then goes one stage further with full remote-control parking.

It’s part of the £1,100 Advanced Parking package. Once the car has identified a space large enough, the driver can get out of the car. Then using the key, they can instruct the car to park itself.

However, given the 7 Series is more than 5 metres long, drivers probably need all the help they can get.