BRIAN in space

BRIAN the Robot has been offered an important new role back at HQ. Realising he could help more of his beloved humans this way, BRIAN jumped at the chance. (Well, he would've done if he could jump.) See what happened when our favourite motor quoter returned home.

Brian in space
Brian in space stats

BRIAN has travelled all over the UK, and it had always been a dream of ours to send BRIAN into space - it was the perfect mission for someone who we think is 'out of this world'. The mission took a lot of prepping and BRIAN had been in training for weeks before donning his space suit.

BRIAN the Robot is an iconic figure who is really popular with adults, children and extraterrestrials alike. It was a brilliant project to be a part of and it's fantastic that BRIAN is the first price comparison robot to reach space.

laura-buchan-image Laura Buchan spokesperson

It's one small step for robots; and one giant leap for robo-kind.

brian-the-robot BRIAN the Robot Intrepid space explorer