Breakdown cover FAQs

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Can I change the level of my breakdown cover

This will depend on your provider - some may allow you to upgrade/downgrade during a policy but others may not. If this is something you think you may want to do, it’s always best to contact a provider before taking out a policy.

Is there an age limit on vehicles that can get cover?

This will vary on what provider you choose. In our quote details page we'll ask you its age and then give you a list of providers that will cover your vehicle.

Is there a yearly limit on the number of callouts?

The number of yearly callouts for each provider will be displayed on our breakdown cover quotes page once you've input the details we've asked for.

What details do I need to provide to get a quote?

You'll need to provide the type of vehicle you want covered (car, van or motorbike), the age of the vehicle and some personal details.

What if I breakdown abroad?

Breaking down in Europe will require a specialist European cover breakdown policy. This comes in two forms - annual multi-trip and single trip. For more information on this, you can visit our European Breakdown page.

What if I breakdown without cover?

A number of providers allow you to start your policy on the day of purchase. However, the policy isn't likely to cover you if you've already broken down. Almost all companies will provide assistance if you've broken down without a policy, but you'll have to pay a one-off charge.

What if I'm towing a caravan?

Some providers will include caravan cover in their policies but others may not. Providers will have varying sizes of recovery vehicles so it's best to contact them to make sure your caravan isn't too big to be towed.

What do I do if I puncture a wheel/use the wrong fuel/run out of fuel?

If you drive a newer car that doesn't come with a spare wheel or you have a spare wheel but aren't sure how to fit it, the majority of providers will cover this in their policies. Using the incorrect fuel or running out of fuel is covered by some providers as standard. Each provider will vary in what they offer.

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