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Rowan Whittington - Confused.com

Wondering why you should choose Confused.com?

Hi I'm Rowan Whittington director of product at Confused.com

Wondering why you should choose Confused.com?

We help millions of people save money on their insurance and utilities, but why should you choose confused.com to help buy your insurance.

Well we're Pioneers back in 2002 we created the very first insurance price comparison site and since then we've been saving our customers time and money.

We pride ourselves on our independence and impartiality unlike some competitors and many other industries the prices that we show are based solely on the details that you have provided us we have no hidden agendas.

Trust and safety matter to us, we're FCA regulated just like the hundreds of insurance companies that we choose to work with adhering to the strict operational guidelines and we go above and beyond to ensure that we are offering the best service to our customers to help you save time and money.

But don't just take my word for it we're rated excellent on Trustpilot with thousands of positive reviews, but we don't just stop there our team reads all of our customer reviews and we're constantly updating our products and services based on your feedback so that we can keep delivering the best service and prices to you.

Don't be confused be Confused.com