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Make a will to ensure your estate goes to the people you choose

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  • Or, choose from telephone, face to face or postal options drafted by a lawyer
Will writing

Will writing services

Writing a will is one of the most important things that you can do for your loved ones. We've teamed up with Involegal who can provide a solution to producing your will if you live in England or Wales.

  • Involegal are a fully regulated and registered law firm.
  • Prices start at just £74 for an online will with three other options to choose from, all of which are competitively priced.
  • Free, secure storage. The only legally binding version of your will is the original signed copy. If your will is lost, damaged or stolen, then in the eyes of the law it is as if you never made it. Involegal offer to store any wills written through them for free in their safe, secure vault.

Options to choose from

Service Getting started Completing your will More info
Online service Quick online sustainability test to ensure the service is right for you Complete in your own time in your own home Find out more
Postal service Download the form or request for a form to be posted Complete the form in your own home before the final document is drafted and produced by a lawyer
Find out more
Telephone service Speak directly to a lawyer over the telephone Drafted by a lawyer for you to check before the final document is produced Find out more
Face-to-face service Meet with a lawyer in your own home or in Involegal’s Cardiff office Drafted by a lawyer for you to check before the final document is produced Find out more

Why make a will?

Making a will ensures that your estate goes directly to the people you choose. 

Writing a will is one of the most important things that you can do for your loved ones. By making a will you can ensure that they are taken care of after you are gone. It also means that dealing with your affairs could be quicker, easier and cheaper for your loved ones because your wishes will already be set out in your will.

How could you benefit from a will?

Making a will is one of the only ways to ensure your money and possessions go to the people you choose.
Without a will your estate will be distributed on your death according the intestacy rules.

Not only is there the benefit of ensuring that your estate is distributed as you would like, preparing a will can also have a number of other benefits as well:

  • Ensure your surviving spouse inherits your whole estate.
    Without a will, your surviving spouse doesn’t necessarily inherit the whole of your estate.
  • Decide who administers your estate.
    Dealing with the administration of an estate can be a stressful process. The burden can be taken away from loved ones by appointing an appropriate executor.
  • Appoint guardians to look after your children.
    Should the worst happen, a will can ensure your children will be cared for by someone that you think would be most appropriate.
  • Make directions with regards to your burial or cremation.
    By writing a will, you can inform your loved ones of your wishes for your funeral service.

About Involegal

  • Fully regulated and registered law firm who do not operate as a traditional law firm.
  • Launched in 2010 with a focus on innovation, processing and specialist legal expertise.
  • Employ a broad range of people with operational, technical and customer service skills to work alongside the traditional legal roles.
  • Based in Cardiff but provide a service across England and Wales.
  • Wholly owned by Hugh James, one of the top 100 UK law firms.

Writing a will with Involegal

Preparing a will is a big step for most people. Choosing the right advisers and having confidence in their advice is vital. Involegal offer several will writing services, so that you can select the option that’s right for you.

If your circumstances are not right for writing your will online, Involegal's suitability test will pick this up. If this is the case, they can offer a more personal service – by post, telephone or face to face – tailored to advise you personally and meet your circumstances.

If your circumstances are suitable for writing your will online, that isn’t where the help ends. Throughout the online will writing process you will be provided with information to guide you, remind you what’s important to consider and provide answers to questions that their experience tells them you may be asking.

Having all these options open to you ensures that you not only get the level of service you require, but that you pay for the service you want with the assurance that the will you get is created by experts.

Will writing guides

We have some useful guides that could help you with writing your will: 

Involegal will writing

Make your will online today
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