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  • Did you know that many insurers class pickup trucks as vans, rather than cars?
  • We can compare insurance prices for your pickup truck from up to 19 top UK insurers in minutes
  • Find more information on van insurance pricing, and how you could save money, in our collection of guides

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What should I know about pickup truck insurance?

Because of their wide range of uses and growing popularity in the UK, most insurers treat pickup trucks as vans rather than cars. But how can you determine what is the best policy for you?

It is going to depend on a range of factors, including the truck type, its usual cargo and daily use. It’s important to investigate thoroughly what type of policy is going to provide the best cover for you, and offer all the protection you need. Fill in our easy quote form, and we can start comparing policies and prices for you, in just a few minutes.

One of the most important questions we’ll ask will be the class of use you require, which will generally fall into one of these two categories;

Commercial insurance policy

  • If you use your pickup truck in connection with your business, you’ll need to take out a commercial insurance policy, by choosing either the ‘Own goods’ or ‘Haulage’ options in our quote form
  • Insurers will usually treat your pickup truck in the same way as a van of similar size, offering similar policies, prices and level of cover options
  • Commercial policies could be extended to cover carrying hazardous goods, specialist tools and materials, or equipment and modifications like winches and snorkels

Private use policy

  • Many insurers will not offer private insurance policies for pickup trucks over a certain size e.g. the Toyota Hilux, automatically classing them as LCV's (Light Commercial Vehicles), but this is worth checking
  • If a private use policy is available for your pickup, it will offer similar levels of cover to most car insurance policies, with no allowance for use in connection with work
  • If you’re unsure about the level of cover you need, you can find out more in our guide to insurance classes-of-use

Getting the right policy for your pickup truck will help make sure you get the best protection possible, where and when you need it. If you use your pickup for haulage, you might also want to look into goods in transit or courier policies, as they may offer better protection for your specific needs. 

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Whether your pickup is used for work or just socially, it is a legal requirement that you have an active insurance policy in place covering it at all times. At, we want to help you understand the insurance you pay for, get the right level of cover, and pay the right price.

  • With so many details coming together to determine your pickup truck insurance premium, getting a good price can be difficult. You can find out more in our guide to insurance rating factors
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