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Van drivers break rules of the road

A decorator and his van27/09/12

By Tom Midlane

The popular image of the "white van man" as an aggressive driver may contain a hint of truth, according to new figures.

A new study by AA Insurance reveals that van drivers are more than twice as likely to have motoring convictions compared to car drivers.

Van drivers are also six times more likely to have been pulled up by police for talking on a mobile while driving.

In total, 15.5 per cent of van drivers have had endorsements added to their driving licence within the past half a decade, more than double the 7.4 per cent figure for drivers of cars.

Almost one in every 40 van drivers has received a conviction for using a mobile telephone while out on the road, compared to only 0.4 per cent of car drivers.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: "The significantly higher number of van drivers' offences is astonishing but is perhaps down to the pressure to get between jobs and keep customers informed.

"But they're clearly getting stung for it - not just fines and the risk of losing their licence, but increased insurance premiums too."

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