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CAA plans may limit air fare rises

  •  30 Apr, 2013
plane on runway

Plans to charge airlines less for using London's three main airports have come as welcome news to air passengers, who are likely to benefit from the proposals.

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London airport to announce charges

  •  29 Apr, 2013
night flight

Airlines will soon be given the first indication of how much they will be charged for using London's three main airports between 2014 and 2019.

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Call to safeguard UK night flights

  •  23 Apr, 2013
night flight

A business group is urging the government to maintain night flying operations at London's three big airports as its consultation into the issue draws to a close.

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Dreamliner delivery only 'weeks away'

  •  23 Apr, 2013
Boeing Dreamliner

Major airlines in the UK could be taking deliveries of the grounded 787 Dreamliner plane within weeks.

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Budget airlines' market share grows

  •  17 Apr, 2013
A Ryanair plane

Low-cost airlines increased their market share in Europe last year, according to the latest figures.

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Call to end Heathrow night flights

  •  12 Apr, 2013
Plane in the sunset

Residents living near Heathrow Airport could soon be getting a better night's sleep . if the London Assembly gets its way.

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Jet2 airport withdrawal over safety

  •  08 Apr, 2013
A Jet2 plane

An airline says it won't operate from Belfast International Airport until it has received reassurances over the safety of a runway resurfacing project.

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Costlier flights for many Brits

  •  02 Apr, 2013
Vapour trails left by planes

Britons will now have to shell out more money on flights due to higher rates of the Air Passenger Duty (APD) airport departure tax.

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Easter exodus for shivering Brits

  •  27 Mar, 2013
Passengers rushing in the airport

As the cold continues to bite the UK, more than a million sun-starved Britons are set to pack their bags to escape the miserable weather this Easter.

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Fat tax on planes proposed

  •  27 Mar, 2013
plane on runway

Should heavier air passengers be made to pay more for their plane tickets than lighter ones?

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