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Bulgaria doesn't break the bank

  •  11 Jun, 2013
Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria has emerged as the best value destination for Brits wanting an whistlestop holiday overseas, a new study has revealed.

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Eurotunnel ferry service is banned

  •  06 Jun, 2013
A ferry

Eurotunnel is being banned from operating ferry services across the English Channel.

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Heathrow T2 poses 'challenges'

  •  04 Jun, 2013
Heathrow sign

Heathrow bosses on Tuesday promised to learn the lessons of the disastrous Terminal 5 (T5) opening when flights begin from the west London's new £2.5 billion Terminal 2 (T2) next year.

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Brides borrow foreign spots to wed

  •  30 May, 2013
Newly married couple

Warm weather and cheaper prices are increasingly luring British couples to get married abroad, according to a new report.

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No explanation after aircraft drama

  •  09 May, 2013
An aeroplane in the sky

A mystery smell made a co-pilot feel dizzy and forced a plane carrying 139 passengers into an emergency landing.

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Tourists' dengue fever cases triple

  •  17 May, 2013

The number of tourists from England, Wales and Northern Ireland who have been struck down with a fever spread by mosquito bites has nearly tripled, according to the latest statistics from health officials.

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Airports not using full capacity

  •  01 May, 2013
A traveller at Heathrow airport

Major airports in the south of England are not making full use of their capacity, a London Assembly report shows.

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Stockings do not prevent flier DVT

  •  01 May, 2013
A man pulling up a stocking

Fliers who wear compression stockings to stop the development of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) may be wasting their time.

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CAA plans may limit air fare rises

  •  30 Apr, 2013
plane on runway

Plans to charge airlines less for using London's three main airports have come as welcome news to air passengers, who are likely to benefit from the proposals.

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London airport to announce charges

  •  29 Apr, 2013
night flight

Airlines will soon be given the first indication of how much they will be charged for using London's three main airports between 2014 and 2019.

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