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Bad winter 'will cancel flights'

  •  13 Nov, 2013
Sleeping in an airport after a flight is delayed

Passengers must expect flight cancellations at Britain's busiest airport if there is bad weather this winter, MPs have been told.

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Warm weather kept Britons at home

  •  05 Nov, 2013
British beach

This summer's heatwave persuaded more of us to holiday on home soil, with many changing plans at the last minute.

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Airbus urges minimum seat width

  •  30 Oct, 2013
Plane in the sunset

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has called for a new minimum seat width of 18in for long-haul flights.

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Brits abroad keep up on UK news

  •  29 Oct, 2013
Sun-kissed Orlando

A third of Brits are more likely to buy a daily newspaper while on holiday then they would at home according to a new poll.

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Triple whammy grounds young people

  •  22 Oct, 2013
Empty pocket

Want-away youngsters are being grounded by a triple whammy of living pressures, increasing tuition fees and high youth unemployment, according to a new survey.

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Holiday choices 'linked to career'

  •  15 Oct, 2013
Beach in Mallorca

A recent survey by found that sales and marketing staff are more likely to head to the Balearic Islands, while armed forces personnel have a penchant for Phuket.

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Most travel firms expensive to call

  •  11 Oct, 2013
Man on the phone

Almost three-quarters of travel companies are forcing their customers to use expensive phone lines when they wish to make a complaint, a consumer rights group has revealed.

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EasyJet leaves 29 passengers behind

  •  09 Oct, 2013
EasyJet plane

EasyJet has issued an apology after a group of passengers were left stranded in Malaga.

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Travel 'snobs' avoid some airlines

  •  02 Oct, 2013
An aeroplane takes off into the sunset

Travel "snobs" are choosing to only fly with upmarket airlines because they want to avoid certain types of people, a survey has shown.

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Bali offers 'best value' getaway

  •  01 Oct, 2013
Bali beach

Bali is now the best-value long-haul destination for travelling Britons, according to a major new report.

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