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Rows begin 'long before check-in'

  •  24 May, 2012
Even before a holiday starts, couples will begin to argue, research has found.  Read More…

Tourists urged to watch exchanges

  •  16 May, 2012
British holidaymakers are benefiting from better exchange rates around the globe, according to a Post Office study.  Read More…

Britons splash cash on holiday

  •  15 May, 2012
It appears that plenty of Britons like to splash the cash while on holiday, as a survey reveals that 70% of us run out of money just five days into a seven-day break overseas.  Read More…

UK travellers help to boost economy

  •  11 May, 2012
New research suggests that British holidaymakers are helping to boost the economy by spending around £500 on products in the run-up to take-off.  Read More…

Holiday tattoos lead to regrets

  •  11 May, 2012
A new survey has suggested that more and more young holidaymakers are getting tattoos whilst abroad, only to regret it later.  Read More…

Holiday calls to become cheaper

  •  11 May, 2012
Making calls on holiday will be cheaper from July following a vote by the European Parliament.  Read More…

Public wants to see extra security

  •  10 May, 2012
With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations just around the corner, followed soon afterwards by the London Olympics...  Read More…

Stansted delays 'unacceptably long'

  •  09 May, 2012
Stansted Airport has apologised to passengers who experienced long delays to get through passport control at the start of the Bank Holiday.  Read More…

British woman in cheetah attack

  •  09 May, 2012
A British woman who survived an attack by a pair of cheetahs while trying to rescue a young girl has been talking about her ordeal.  Read More…

Travellers put off by bad reviews

  •  01 May, 2012
New research reveals that it is not the price tag of a holiday that can put British travellers off - instead it is negative travel reviews and political instability.  Read More…

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