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Branson gives update on space plans

  •  11 Jul, 2012

The shape of travel to come will be unveiled by Sir Richard Branson today when he gives an update on his space tourism plans.

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Spain tops best value grocery list

  •  10 Jul, 2012

A study of the cost of supermarket items has shown that self-catering holidaymakers should head to Spain and avoid Cyprus if it's value they want.

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Airlines drop surprise charges

  •  05 Jul, 2012
Twelve airlines - including easyJet and Ryanair - will no longer spring last-minute fees on customers paying by debit card, the consumer watchdog revealed today.  Read More…

Break-ups put off for holidays

  •  27 Jun, 2012
A new survey has suggested that 9 per cent of people will put off breaking up with a partner so they don't miss out on a holiday they had booked together.  Read More…

Euro 2012 flights selling out fast

  •  21 Jun, 2012
England beating Italy on Sunday to get to next Thursday's Euro 2012 semi-final might not be as big a challenge as their fans getting seats on a flight to either of the matches.  Read More…

Survey reveals £450 holiday savings

  •  20 Jun, 2012
Holidaymakers travelling in pairs can knock off up to £450 on a seven-day trip abroad by opting for a less expensive destination instead of their preferred hotspot, a study suggests.  Read More…

Families spend 10% a terminal

  •  07 Jun, 2012
Holidaying families spend more than a tenth of their budget in the departure lounge, according to a new survey.  Read More…

Millions poised for Jubilee getaway

  •  30 May, 2012
Travellers in the UK and abroad are poised to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee this weekend as new figures show millions of passengers will...  Read More…

Britons booking holidays in Greece

  •  30 May, 2012
While Greece suffers from serious economic problems, Britons are taking advantage and heading out to the country on holiday.  Read More…

Poor flight times 'shorten trips'

  •  29 May, 2012
In total, 61 per cent of UK holidaymakers say that changing their flight times would have made their holiday better, according to a new survey.  Read More…

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