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Passengers 'too busy for flights'

  •  28 Aug, 2012

Passengers are struggling to make their flights as they are too distracted by eating and shopping at the airport, according to a recent survey.

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Airports braced for games exodus

  •  13 Aug, 2012

Airports are bracing themselves for an Olympic exodus with almost 200,000 people a day set to leave the capital after the end of Games.

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Surge in holiday demand predicted

  •  13 Aug, 2012

The end of the Olympics is set to start a surge in holiday bookings from people with Games' hangovers.

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Warning over rise in holiday scams

  •  13 Aug, 2012

Conmen and thieves are going to elaborate lengths to rob holidaying Britons abroad.

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Grey travellers want more adventure

  •  10 Aug, 2012

One in ten parents over the age of 50 have visited a country after hearing their children recount their gap-year adventures there, according to a new survey.

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Holidaying with parents 'popular'

  •  09 Aug, 2012

A survey has found that a surprising amount of adults are still holidaying with their parents, and two in three of these parents are refusing to let their children pay a penny towards the trip.

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Britons horde leftover holiday cash

  •  08 Aug, 2012

British holiday-goers are sitting on a £1.6 billion goldmine by failing to exchange leftover holiday money back into pounds, according to a new poll.

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Travellers warned of theft risks

  •  07 Aug, 2012

A moment's carelessness or distraction on the beach this summer could cost holidaymakers as much as £600, research by Post Office Travel Insurance has revealed.

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Warning over hotel exchange rates

  •  23 Jul, 2012

Holidaymakers will get no gain in Spain by opting to get their euros in hotels, according to a survey.

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European value destinations named

  •  19 Jul, 2012

Families will find their holiday money goes 11.5 per cent further in Europe this summer, it was revealed today.

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