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Boston offers the best bargains

  •  27 Nov, 2012
Bargain tag

Brits doing their Christmas shopping across the pond should visit Boston instead of the Big Apple or the Windy City if they want to save money.

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Foreign currency is frittered away

  •  27 Nov, 2012
Euro banknotes

The vast majority of holiday makers throw away money on frivolous purchases in order to use up foreign currency, according to research.

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Brits spend £1bn on xmas travel

  •  26 Nov, 2012
20E notes

Britons' total Christmas travel bill to see loved ones will be £1.2 billion, a new study by the Santander 123 card reveals.

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Holidaymakers booking on the go

  •  23 Nov, 2012
Hand on a globe

Travel agents and tour operators have been urged to make sure they offer compatible apps, as more and more people book holidays through mobile devices.

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Couples go abroad after four months

  •  19 Nov, 2012
Travel teaser

When is the right time to take your first trip abroad as a couple? After around four months, apparently, according to a survey by

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Fog halts flights in the south

  •  16 Nov, 2012
Asleep at the airport

Heathrow Airport was forced to cancel more than 80 flights after thick fog hit the south of England yesterday.

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Airports top route finder table

  •  12 Nov, 2012
plane on runway

Airports are the most popular destinations submitted by people using the AA's online route finder service.

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Renting keeps Christmas break costs down

  •  08 Nov, 2012
A beach and villas at Fuerteventura

Holidaymakers looking to spend Christmas break away from the family home have been advised to look for rental accommodation ahead of hotels if they want to keep costs down.

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Tory MP calls for air tax review

  •  05 Nov, 2012
Vapour trails left by planes

British tax laws on plane tickets are preventing growth by deterring foreign companies from investing in the UK, an MP has warned.

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Brits prepare for hols in advance

  •  30 Oct, 2012
Car on a map

A new study has revealed that most British holidaymakers like to prepare well in advance for their trips abroad.

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