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Twice-in-a-lifetime trips popular


By Mark Stillman

A once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday is now twice the experience it used to be, a new survey suggests.

That's because they are becoming "twice-in-a-lifetime" destinations with many visitors making a returning trip, the poll of 2,000 British travellers by holiday firm Kuoni found.

Among frequent tourists, 31 per cent have returned to a location originally thought of as a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

About half of holidaymakers taking out travel insurance who have been on their ultimate dream getaway are planning a further visit, the survey found.

Travellers revisiting exotic locations

For those travellers who had revisited an exotic holiday destination, one in five went at precisely the same time of year, while 10 per cent enjoyed the same itinerary a second time.

One in three visited all the same bars and restaurants, 16 per cent stayed in the same accommodation and 13 per cent got to meet up with the same people.

America, Australia, Italy, Barbados and Canada headed the list of twice-in-a-lifetime destinations.

Barbados is particularly popular for its sumptuous beaches, its rum punches and general laid-back approach to life, while America offers city delights such as New York and Las Vegas.

Mexico and the Maldives are return visit hotspots

Egypt, Thailand, the Maldives and Mexico were also among the hotspots on tourists' wish-lists for a return visit.

The scenery was the primary attraction for people sampling a dream location for a second time.

A passion for the cuisine and the welcome received from locals were among the other motives for going back.

Derek Jones, Kuoni managing director, said: "We're seeing a generation of adventurers who set off to see the world with a backpack in their 20s.

"They go to places like Thailand, Malaysia, India and Australia and return to those places they love at a later stage in life."

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