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Travel 'snobs' avoid some airlines

An aeroplane takes off into the sunset02/10/13

By Angela Rees

Travel "snobs" are choosing to only fly with upmarket airlines because they want to avoid certain types of people, a survey has shown.

As many as 21 per cent of air passengers admitted to selecting a flight purely on the grounds of what kind of people they would be travelling with.

Furthermore, 9 per cent said they opt for flights based on how attractive they think the cabin crew will be.

Budget versus upmarket arilines

A total of 2,265 UK adults took part in the survey on flight considerations for online travel agent

All had been on a holiday abroad in the past 12 months and had travelled by plane.

The poll revealed that 65 per cent said they would behave differently if they were travelling with what they perceived to be an upmarket airline.

Some 33 per cent said they would treat cabin crew and airline staff with more respect if travelling with a top class carrier, while 46 per cent said they would be more likely to make a complaint if they were flying with a budget airline.

Biggest concern is other passengers

For most passengers, the main concern when choosing a particular airline is not the kind of people they would be travelling with, but how much the journey would cost, followed by flight times and luggage allowance.

The main reason for not travelling with an airline again is rude staff, followed by delays, hidden costs and disorderly check-in processes.

However, 25 per cent said bad experiences with other passengers would put them off booking with a specific airline again.

Chris Clarkson, managing director at, said: "While choosing a flight based on the lowest price tickets wasn't too surprising, it was a revelation to see that a fair few would disregard an airline just to avoid a 'certain type' of people."

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