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Surprises galore set for Heathrow

Vapour trails left by a plane03/12/12

By Paul McGurk

A month of unexpected gifts and surprises are in prospect for some of the 4.3 million people travelling through Heathrow this Christmas.

Six passengers arriving in the UK have been presented with gifts of iPads to keep in touch with their nearest and dearest on their travels. Recipients of the gifts will need to ensure their travel insurance is up-to-date to cover their additional items.

Other gifts will include designer watches from Watches of Switzerland, worth a cool £5,000 apiece, while Hamley's teddy bears will be perfect for children to snuggle up to in baggage reclaim.

Ski trippers will also be surprised with Oakley winter survival kits for their adventure holidays.

Clues to the what surprises are in store through the day will be posted on Heathrow's Secret Santa page on Facebook, adding a little delight to a trip through the airport.

Heathrow will see 105,000 people departing from Heathrow on December 21 to join their loved ones abroad.

Santa will also be on hand to help people with any last-minute gifts, while mince pies will be handed out by elves to help that festive spirit a little more.

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