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Preparation key to safe travel

Someone carrying a suitcase30/11/12

By Paulette Flahavin

As the fast-approaching holiday season will see millions of travellers board trains and planes and get behind the wheel, medical and security services company, International SOS, is giving advice to help keep travellers safe, secure and healthy.

While holiday travel can be stressful and crowded, travellers can enjoy their trip by following certain guidelines.

"The next couple of months are shaping up to be a very busy travel season," said senior vice president of medical services for International SOS, Dr Myles Druckman.

"At the very least, flight delays and cancellations are a nuisance, but some other travel disruptions can trigger much more serious medical or security consequences."

Travel delays were, in fact, the top risk experienced by travellers in the past three years, according to 628 international groups that participated in the Duty of Care and Travel Risk management Global Benchmarking Study.

International SOS tips for safe travel include:

:: Prepare before you leave home. Advance planning can not be underestimated if you want to have a safe journey.

:: Communication check list. Can you dial international numbers from your mobile phone? Will your charger need an adapter at your destination? Do you have the contact number handy of your international travel assistance company?

:: Insurance coverage. Does your UK medical insurance plan cover your medical costs while you are overseas?

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