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Holidaymakers book without looking


By Ian Lewis

Millions of Britons head off abroad without bothering to find out anything about their holiday resort, a new survey suggests.

Almost half (48 per cent) of the holidaymakers polled admitted they had done no research at all into their chosen destination before booking their break, with most of them saying they did not want to "over-complicate" things.

Around a quarter of the 'blind bookers' surveyed by said they had relied solely on the look of their hotel to finalise their holiday choice.

Only two-fifths (39 per cent) of the holidaymakers surveyed said they had researched their destination before booking, while 13 per cent were going back to a resort they had stayed in previously.

Ignorance is bliss

And, having booked their holiday, only 41 per cent of those who had done no research then looked into their destination, the rest waiting until they got there to find out about it.

Two-thirds of those doing some belated homework said what they had then found out had made them worried.

But it appears ignorance is bliss for most travellers, with more than three-quarters (78 per cent) saying they enjoyed a "very good" holiday despite carrying out no research before booking.

Around 20 per cent of the 'blind bookers' told researchers they had been "disappointed" with their break.

'It pays to do some homework'

Chris Clarkson, managing director at, said: "It always pays to do some homework before booking a holiday.

If you book somewhere without checking a few things first you might be disappointed on arrival."

Carrying out a bit of research on a prospective holiday destination - whether it's in Spain, Greece, Turkey or Egypt or further afield in the US, the Far East or the Caribbean - can provide invaluable information about whether it is likely to be suitable.

Travel books, articles and the internet can provide a wealth of information about resorts covering everything from things to do and places to eat to local customs and the climate.

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