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Holidaying with parents 'popular'

Mature parents and adult children09/08/12

By John Howe

A survey has found that a surprising amount of adults are still holidaying with their parents, and two in three of these parents are refusing to let their children pay a penny towards the trip.

As many as 39 per cent of parents are taking their children on vacation with them this year, whether they are paying or not. But the poll, conducted by LV=travel insurance, has discovered a variety of reasons for offspring over the age of 18 saving on the cost of holidays completely.

Of those parents agreeing to completely subsidise their child's holiday, two in five are doing so as a treat, while 37 per cent simply want to keep the family together and are prepared to pay for it. Around 26 per cent of parents confirmed that they were paying for, or at least partially subsidising, the holiday because they were aware their offspring could not afford a holiday otherwise.

The poll showed that 19 per cent of the adults joining their family on vacation were in their 40s, while the average age was now 30. As a result, adults joining their parents still like to have an influence on the holiday destination, despite not paying for it!

Reflecting on the survey findings LV= travel insurance managing director Selwyn Fernandes said: "Young adults, and even some middle-aged ones, are trying to save money where they can, and holidaying with their parents is becoming a growing trend."

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