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Holiday choices 'linked to career'


By James O'Brien

A recent survey by found that sales and marketing staff are more likely to head to the Balearic Islands, while armed forces personnel have a penchant for Phuket.

The travel agent's poll of 1,892 recent holidaymakers also indicated those working in human resources are likely to choose a trip to New York, with financial workers tending to holiday closer to home in Tuscany.

The Algarve in Portugal is particularly popular with people in administration; Sharm el Sheikh is the top destination for construction workers, while mechanics flock to Spain's Costa del Sol.

Co-worker recommendations

Around three in five of those surveyed admit they use recommendations from co-workers when deciding on their next trip.

All survey participants had been overseas in the last 12 months and were full-time workers. managing director Chris Clarkson said: "We've always wondered if people working in certain professions were more likely to visit certain destinations on holiday and now we know there is a correlation.

"It was a really interesting poll to carry out and it certainly revealed a lot about people's holiday preferences."

IT workers head to the Costa Brava

Holiday hotspots for accountants, health workers and teachers are the French Riviera, the Portuguese island of Madeira and the Costa Blanca, Spain, respectively.

Those working in IT also enjoy holidays in Spain but mainly head to the Costa Brava, with the Greek Islands an ideal getaway for media employees and the Caribbean the place to be for engineers.

Britons working in transport prefer to sun themselves in Andalucia, Spain.

Meanwhile, those in hair and beauty book holidays for the Dalaman region of Turkey.

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