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Foreign currency is frittered away

Euro banknotes27/11/12

By Michael Allen

The vast majority of holiday makers throw away money on frivolous purchases in order to use up foreign currency, according to research.

A survey by travel agent of 2,168 people who had been on holiday abroad in the last year found that two thirds of British holiday makers spend all the money they take away with them.

Almost nine in ten of those that came home without any foreign currency left said that they had spent it on items they didn't really want.

The average amount spent on unnecessary purchases was £150. However, most people did manage to keep to budget while away, with just 21 per cent admitting they spent more than planned and 12 per cent having money left over at the end of their holiday.

Co-founder of, Chris Clarkson said: "If you find yourself near the end of your holiday with money left over, there's no point going out and spending it just for the sake of it.

"Yes, you might have budgeted for it, but it's great to go home with some cash. You can even put it towards your next holiday."

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