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Couples go abroad after four months


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By Stephanie Gonzalez

When is the right time to take your first trip abroad as a couple?

After around four months, apparently, according to a survey by

Sun-kissed Turkey is the destination of choice for most couples embarking on their first foreign holiday together, followed by fellow hotspots Egypt, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

Women appear the most likely to be angling for a holiday, with 70 per cent of nearly 2,000 adults polled saying it was the female who had organised the break.

And while a quarter said their first trip away together had been "perfect", a word of warning - a third said they had gone away "too soon" together and a fifth said their holiday was "just average". co-founder Chris Clarkson said: "I think it's encouraging to see so many young people going on holiday together, as it can be good for a relationship to have some time together.

"However, there is also such a thing as it being too soon and there's no point rushing into something you might regret."

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