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Bulgaria doesn't break the bank


By Tom Midlane

Bulgaria has emerged as the best value destination for Brits wanting an whistlestop holiday overseas, a new study has revealed.

Researchers calculated the price of an overnight stay in a four-star hotel with meal and cocktails for two in 49 world cities, using figures from online review site TripAdvisor.

Renowned for its beautiful architecture and temperate climate, the Bulgarian capital Sofia offered the best value, with the whole stay, including a return taxi trip, coming in at a measly £104.

However, the same stay in Oslo in Norway, the most expensive of the cities surveyed, worked out at an astronomical £381.

Zurich finished as the second priciest location at £343, followed by Stockholm (£342), New York City (£338) and Paris (£335).

London, renowned as a costly city for tourists, finished as the seventh costliest city, with visitors having to fork out £296 for a one night hotel stay plus taxi, dinner and cocktails, and that's before they start to count the cost of travel insurance.

That was still a significant improvement on last year, when the UK capital topped the table of expensive travel destinations.

Sofia emerged as the cheapest destination by some distance, with Hanoi in Vietnam (£115) in second place, Warsaw in Poland (£123) in third, followed by Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt (£125.45) and Budapest in Hungary (£127).

For the purposes of the cost-comparison table, the taxi trip was based on two journeys of two miles each, meaning taxis cost £27.20 in London but just £1.39 in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

TripAdvisor spokesman Angus Struthers said: "The list shows that Asia is the most affordable continent, while Europe is the most expensive, but some European cities - like Sofia, Warsaw and Budapest - are bucking this trend."

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