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Brits spend £1bn on xmas travel

20E notes26/11/12

By Paulette Flahavin

Britons' total Christmas travel bill to see loved ones will be £1.2 billion, a new study by the Santander 123 card reveals.

Close to three of every four adults, or 73 per cent, will drive, board a train or fly to visit family and friends over the holiday, when some 36 million Britons will be travelling.

As driving is the most popular travel option, a total of £776 million will be spent on petrol or diesel fuel. This represents two thirds, or 65 per cent, of the total Christmas travel bill of £1.2 billion.

Train fares will account for 11 per cent of the total bill, or £134 million, while bus fares will account for 7 per cent, or £85 million. Air fares will take up 5 per cent, or £64 million of the total.

Amid the constant motion, budget constraints are keeping one in eight Britons, or 12 per cent, home. They aim to keep spending down by not travelling at Christmas.

"Britain's roads and railways look set to be crammed with Christmas travellers again this year, many of whom will spend a lot of money on transport costs which have increased significantly since last year. Those travelling a long distance should look to save money where possible," said Alan Mathewson, CEO of Santander Cards.

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