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Brits abroad keep up on UK news


By Tom Donnelly

A third of Brits are more likely to buy a daily newspaper while on holiday then they would at home according to a new poll.

The survey carried out by the online travel agent also discovered that as many 50 per cent of British holidaymakers seek out their favourite daily while abroad.

A fith call home

One in five call home to find out what has been happen while they have been away and 71 per cent use social media sites to keep up on the latest from the UK.

A quarter of people said that they keep abreast of what is happening at home to avoid having to "catch up" when they return to the UK.

Meanwhile, 43 per cent thought that it was important to "keep in the loop" as regards to gossip back home.

Some 58 per cent also admitted to watching British television programmes on vacation.

Yet 60 per cent said that it was harder to keep track of life back home while they were on holiday.

'Holidays should be about having a break'

"Many resorts abroad, especially in areas of France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey, tend to offer the British newspapers for tourists to buy.

"Therefore, it's easy to keep track of what is happening back home," Chris Clarkson, managing director of, said.

"However, we think holidays should be about having a break from life back home and that bad news should be avoided at all costs."

The travel company interviewed 1,993 people, all who had been abroad in the last 12 months.

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